it was so much fun, the goats are sooo cute!¬† My friend went with me, my hubby was so happy he didn’t have to go!

They had 3 sessions, next time we are taking the middle session, it will be cooler and the goats a little more active.

In all it was fun, got to pet them, one tried to eat the string on my pants, uh…I need that to keep them up!

They we baaaaing, and running around, just so cute, the local 4h kids were there, they raised them and made sure they were spread out thru the crowd.

There were guys and girls there, and it was a fairly easy class, had to be because everyone just wanted to cuddle goats ūüôā


Weight Watchers – works

So, I have tried to lose weight on my own, and have some luck, so I decided after researching to go with Weight Watchers….no special foods to buy main reason.

They have a great app and the points system works.  I have been on it two weeks now and lost 2lbs a week.  With no special pills, shots or food.

I have started going to Yoga again, I am hoping this will increase the weight loss, it helps the joints, that is for sure!


T-Fal Grill and Spiralizer…woot woot

So my kids got a T-Fal grill for their wedding, I think is has melded to my counter, they won’t be able to take it when they leave ūüôā

T-Fal Grill and Spiralizer – match made in heaven!

I spiralized a potato and then grilled them on T-Fal and made Potato Chips with NO oil – that is what I am talking about.

Mama’s got some new toys!

Influenster Pumpkin Voxbox – My Treat for Halloween

IMG_7328 IMG_7329Got my latest Influenster box…woo hoo, Happy Treats no Tricks to me.


  • Nice Size Downey Softner, I like it, but the scent is a little stronger then I like, I prefer unscented
  • Single Serving PopChips – they rock as usual, though my favorite is the BBQ
  • Mr. Sketch Color Pen – put in the drawer, it will be used soon
  • Dark Chocolate Goodness Knows Snack Squares – BooYah! ¬†This was a Peach flavor, it was good, but I like the Cranberry one the best so far
  • Worther’s Original Soft Caramels – Holy Moly Canoly…I thought they would be kind of round and hard to chew, oohhh nooo, they were soft and yummy and yes…I did eat them all myself!
  • Coupon for 1 (one) Free Alexa Product – buying soon
  • Coupon for 1 (one) Yucatan Product – buying soon

I received all of these items for FREE from Influenster and I am giving my own opinion/reviews on the products.






Pinch – Me FREE samples – yes really FREE

I signed up for Bulu Box and they charged for samples, and I really didn’t like what I was getting.

Pinch-Me are completely FREE samples and you get coupons. ¬†The catch is the run-out quickly and the choice is fairly limited..but…it is FREE!

I received for FREEEEE!

  • 6oz bag of Purina Pro Plan Cat Food
  • Dentek Floss Pick
  • Scotch Brite scrubber + .75 Coupon – I have already used it and it works great, nice clean sink!
  • Advil PM sample + 2.00 coupon
  • Gold Bond .75oz Ultimate Healing with aloe which I will be using shortly!

This IS my Bag Baby!

Pinch Me Freebees IMG_7301


Plated dish 2 – Turkis Bulgur & Red Lentil Soup

I love the fact I get can vegetarian dishes on Plated.  This adds to the variety of food I eat.  However, being me, I screwed up a little.

Now nothing against Plated, it IS my fault for not reading completely, but first it says to peel the onion and dice, mince the garlic and chop the mint. ¬†First I love the fact I can leave OUT what ever I want, since I get the ingredients to use, but they aren’t already done, so I did NOT do the onion. ¬†But then it says to Saute Aromatics, so I did, including the MINT, which I found out by READING later was supposed to be a garnish, woops! ¬†Maybe, just maybe, they should have told me to do the mint right before the plating…just a suggestion is all.

Then it gives the list, but since I didn’t follow the directions to READ the whole thing first, I used the WHOLE can of diced tomatoes instead of 1/2.

Even with these mistakes it came out really good, the down side, I don’t think 1 piece of Naan is enough the UP side, I think there is more then 2 meals here, I believe I am going to have 3 or 4!

Everything is labeled, if you READ completely before you start, you shouldn’t make any of my mistakes

IMG_6912 IMG_6913 IMG_6914

Plated is AWESOME

as you know I am somewhat kitchen challenged, but I do my best. ¬†Now I have seen a lot of these “we send the ingredients, you do the cooking” but I have a few issues with them. ¬†Mainly I am NOT that good of a cook and I wouldn’t EAT most of their menus, plus you have to sign up and commit before trying.

I saw an add for Plated, and it gave a discount with no commitment, I could cancel at any time.

So I looked around, I really liked their food choices, AND how easy it is to cook the stuff and it was stuff I can eat.  The only down side is it comes with 2 servings of each dish, I am the only one going to be eating it, but what the heck.

So I got home from the Gym around 1 and I had my Gourmet Banana Leaf Tilapia with Pinapple Ginger Glaze and Avocado/Radish salad.  It was freaking GREAT!

They send you all the ingredients you need and directions for 3 meals for 2 people in a box.


IMG_6905 IMG_6907 IMG_6908

Then you cook  it and eat it!


Yummy in my tummy!!  I will keep you posted on my next 2 meals!

Vroom Vroom …… got an electric car!

so as you all know (or maybe not) my lease was coming up on my VW Bug. ¬†I liked it, but I was working when I got it and now I am not. ¬†So I didn’t even put 14k miles in 3 years.

So we went looking at Electric Cars.  The good thing there was a lot of deals on them.

I drove the BMWi3. ¬†So freaking great! ¬†Quick, responsive everything you want from a BMW. The only thing I didn’t like is when you took your foot of the pedal it basically stopped the car, not a lot of coasting. ¬†But of course the BMW would be more then I am paying now.

I drove the Kia Soul Ev and the Golf E.  I really liked how high I sit in the Soul, I liked the look, the interior space and the Blue and White ones. It is like a small SUV, very quick and responsive. the Golf E, is a Golf but electric, great get up and go, but boooring.  Sorry I had a smurf blue mini and a yellow bug, this is a great family car, but not for me.  The cost would have been about the same per month.

I drove the Fiat 500E.  Small, fast, loaded, very responsive, almost to much so steering.  Very Fun to drive, like the Soul.  I bought the Fiat because I liked it and it comes in fun colors, I have Blue with Orange accents!  and  because in the end, while I liked all the above cars, this one saves me OVER $100 a month!

If I could have gotten the Beemer for the same as the Bug ¬†I would have, but I didn’t like it $300 more, and I didn’t like the Soul $200 more of the Golf $100 more then I like the Fiat.

I don’t drive that much, why do I want that money sitting in my driveway when I can use it for other things??




Gardein BBQ Pocket Meal…too good to be real

I swear….this is to good to be true, how do I know for sure there is NO meat in there????

Seriously, of all the non-meat items out there, this one tastes just like meat. ¬†It is crazy, after my first bite I had to pull the box back out to make sure I hadn’t screwed up some how and bought a meat version.

This is a great brand, I like all the items I have tried of theirs, but this is freaking awesome, I highly recommend!


I am trying, but come on…..

So as you know, I try to eat vegetarian as much as possible, and I try to avoid the dairy as well.  I do pretty good, a lot more restaurants have Tofu options, and if not tofu then maybe turkey or chicken.

However, sometimes, it just ain’t happening, like at BLK Burger …. yea, hello, you can get a salad buy WHY! ¬†They are known for their Kobe quality meat. ¬†Now you can get a Kobe steak for $75 but I don’t think so. ¬†We had a $15 certificate for this place, it was new and lets face it if you saw the post from the other day, we had already F’d up the diet, so why not go here for dinner ūüôā

They start you off with home made kettle chips, they you can make your own burger, like other hamburger joints, or you could go for steak, scallops, ect.  We choose the burgers.  My husband as usual got Meat, Cheese, Bacon only, now all the toppings are free so I had

The stuffed (yes I did) swiss, bacon, mushroom burger, with avocado, pickles & tomato with a squaw bun (yes they have lettuce wrapped, but why??) ¬†Now it isn’t stuffed in the usual way, all of the stuff is mixed together in the patty, it is moist juicy and mmmm freaking good! ¬†and I choose the salad on the side (what, I needed some ruffage).

Now we have gone to Umami Burger and I have to say we left unimpressed, for the price the burgers were small and yes good but nothing great the sides were small and the price was big.

BLK on the other hand is GREAT, yes they are a little more then Umami, but is so worth it. for non-stuffed burgers you have a choice of 1/2 & 1/3 lb. ¬†They are juicy and so tasty, this could make a meat eater out of many vegans… ūüėČ ¬†All the toppings are free many choices including cheese and bacon and avocado, you have about 5 different bun choices, and the sides are a decent size. ¬†This is as close to a steak on a bun as you are gonna get.

Again, I am so glad they aren’t close to us, because I could see getting the urge to go there again. ¬†Hey I am only human….it is was so good.