HA, off the plateu…

finally!  started losing weight again!  But then I find out not only do I need to hit my goal weight, I have to stay there or less for 6 weeks before I get lifetime in WW.   Auuuggghhh!

On a side note, I am down to 5 of those darn Orange Theory Workouts!  F>>>I>>>V>>>E!

I will be so happy when those are done, I have been doing my yoga, trying for 2 times a week and OT 1 time a week.  This will extend my 20 sessions of yoga I got 40% off on !

So I guess once I hit my goal weight I will go back to WW meetings so they can track my 6 weeks for my lifetime WW 😉


House smells like turkey and NOT it a good way

so after T-day, which this time we cooked it on the TREAGER, it was freaking good and only took 2 hours, no messy kitchen, booyah!

So anywho, I had a left over carcass (yea what else should I call it???) so I thought, hey, I will put it in a pot like the ham bone and let it cook down with carrots and celery.

So my recommendation…USE THE FREAKING GOOGLE THING TO REMIND YOURSELF TURN IT OFF….I guess you can imagine what happened right?

I started it about 7, we went to bed around 11, I woke up at 3AM,  OMG….the Turkey!!!

Lucky it was on low, but it was starting to burn, I must have smelt it, cause I jumped out of bed and went downstairs, I just turned off the burner, then I put it outside, just in case.

Next am went out and threw it away…sigh…trying the hambone tonight, gonna get Google in on the ACT, don’t want a repeat of the turkey fiasco!

Technology is nice and all….

but it can also be destructive and intrusive.  Especially in MY kitchen, stupid microwave will beep when done, normal right, then it KEEPS beeping at me until I come over and open it up or hit clear….sheesh…..

We put the stair light on google, this way when I am carrying up a 25lb dog, I can tell it to turn on, since trying to turn it on with my hands full does’t work well.

It is also frustrating though, when you think you have something set up and it doesn’t work, like google when it will turn on the stair light for me, some times it does, other times I get an error….aaauuuuggghh

We got the Google levnovo Screen, it helps to see what I am telling it to do for lists, reminders ect.  This should help since I can’t remember what I did last night half the time (just kidding, somewhat).

Working from home is all glamour…

sigh….. alarm goes off….get out of bed….

pick up doggie doo in hallway, spot clean

feed dogs

start 1st load of laundry

pick up doggie doo in kitchen, wash floor

switch laundry, start 2nd load

pick up kittie puke on kitchen floor, wash floor AGAIN

Hang up 1st load of laundry

dry 2nd load of laundry

finally eat breakfast

start working from home

….I really thought it would be a lot more fun and exciting….it ain’t!



Divorce & Alimony – Really???

The amount of money some women get in their divorce settlements is outrageous. Some times they deserve it, sometimes they don’t.

Example 1 – deserves it

Boy & girl get married, girl works to put boy thru medical/law school, boy gets degree, makes lots of money, dumps wife for bimbo – She deserves some money. If she would have invested her money in stocks, and bonds she would be entitled to some dividends.

Example 2 – Doesn’t deserve it

Bimbo marries boy from example 1, is married 3 years wants a divorce, she is entitled to only to what was earned while they were together. Also is bimbo is say 21 and gets divorced at 24 how can she say she has been “accustomed” to a certain standard of living? She had 21 years of living regular and 3 years of leisure, I would say the first 21 years outweighs the last 3. She doesn’t need thousands of dollars a month, GET A JOB like the rest of us.

Bimbos like this make it hard for the average women to get what she deserves during a divorce.

Another Example – Ivana deserved half of what Trump had, Marla did not.

Organic vs NonOrganic is not the question

Organic food full of preservatives and additives is just as bad.

Think of all the food problems lately that were never an issue:

No Peanut Butter Sandwiches at schools because of allergies & Gluten Intolerance are just two that stand out.

Think about all the artificial ingrediants in our foods that aren’t allowed anywhere else in the world, then look at our food problems and weight issues…hmmm no one see a connection?

In the US big companies are more interested in their profits then the consumers health. The only way to change is to stop buying their products. YOu can see the change happening already. More and more items with out artificial colors and additives.

So the question is …. is my food free from poisons (fertilizers and pesticides) and artificial ingrediants and preservatives. I don’t think humans where meant to eat petrol based products. they may be good for cars but not bodies.

My son has learned….

You don’t want to go off without telling MOM, for a few days ’cause otherwise, she will HUNT UR ARSE DOWN!

If saw the post a while back, I hadn’t seen my son for a few days…18 does not a man make….so since he wasn’t answering his phone, I got out his old phone, called his friends, went on MySpace and I’md them until I got a response!!

So he says to me…”mom, I am leaving to help a friend move to Arizona, I will be gone a few days..so you won’t need to CONTACT all my friends like last time”…good boy, he got the hint…I did ask him at least text me every few days that his is ok….he way annoyed but he will do it, cause otherwise I will be making a trip to AZ to track his arse down.

Yea, I have a hard time letting go, up on the upside, my kids aren’t on drugs and don’t have any tattoos, piercings or arrest records….so I will keep on keeping, even though it drives ALL the men in my family nuts!

OMG, I’ve become my MOM!

Remember (ladies, probably not you guys) when you wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without your makeup and hair done? I remember when I lived at school, I wouldn’t even go to the grocery store without being done up, one of the cutest guys in school worked there!

In college same thing and in early years of marriage I wasn’t going out unless I was looking good! Ie hair/makeup done.

Something happens as you get older, it just isn’t quite SOO important. Now don’t get me wrong, we go out on the town and I make sure I am looking good! As the song says “I as good ONCE as I ever was” I just ain’t got the energy to be that good all the time.

Now over the years I still make sure my hair is done (kind of) and make-up is hit or miss (but a lot of the girls here do the same thing) cause if it is a toss up between hair/makeup or sleep, sleep wins hands down!

Now none of this really bothers me, but yesterday a line was crossed! I came home, got in my nighty/sweats and was relaxing but my son wanted me to take him to the gym, ok not to bad, just drive him there, and back. However; half way there I realize I am low on gas, still ok, there is a station right by the gym, drive-up put in my card gas up and go.

But noooooo, the stupid machine wouldn’t take my card so I actually went inside the VERY well lighted AM/PM with no make, my hair a mess and the topper???? In my nighty sweats, OH MY GAWD, I have become my mom! How freaking embarrassing is that, and the worst? I got my self a drink and gas and was on my way, I didn’t care, screw’em, I am married.