Getting paid for doing surveys/shopping does actually work


91236 – Lifetime points from Mypoints member since 11/9/1999 – I have redeemed these points for gas and food gift cards – over $600 worth

Want to get points yourself and give me the credit, My Points

Many other sites over years – this is from a Mar 2008 blog

Woo hoo hooo! I got two checks. Ok so they Won’t pay my electric bill but they will buy me a few diet cokes!

Ck# 394517 – $5.00

Ck# 387688 – $1.59 (hey no snickering, I got $150.00 last time 😉


Survey Sign-ups

This was posted in 2012, but I believe it is open again.

Hurry,  Mindfield is accepting new members again!  Who knows for how long!  Sign up here or my links!

19lbs and and counting

So you ask, how does that work with “green”? Well I have reduced my calorie intake especially carbs..I am excercising more (biking at work instead of going to the snack machine, save Green there), but also my husband decided to get a boxing bag, so we went and got it but figured out we couldn’t hang it, so we had to take it back…I pulled out the receipt and guess what my peeps….a deal to take a survey and get $10 of your next $50 purchase…so you knows whats I did…I took the survey, printed the coupon and when we exchanged the bag for a different one I used my coupon….Oh Yea!

And, get this, I got another survey and I have ANOTHER $10 coupon…hee hee, gotta luv it.