Egg and Banana Pancake, I swear!

So I heard this recipe for Egg and Banana Pancake, and is true, it is good and seems like a regular pancake!

2 eggs, 1 banana, season with Cinnamon, and what else you would like, I blended it up and cooked it on a heated skillet, I did one big pancake, and it was good, plus NO points, eggs and fruit are free for WW!  I spiced mine up and it tasted like gingerbread.

Try it, you will like it!



My cat sucks! SAC

Stupid Ass Cat…..sheesh, so she has been wanting us to turn facet on for her,  so we buy her a fountain, and she wants NOTHING to do with it.  So she is drinking and I have to leave.  I pick her up and close the door, I start going downstairs and SAC swats at my feet, TWICE!

What is up with that!

WW friendly PB and Chocolate :)

So, I bought this PB2 powdered peanut butter and guess what……es good!  Tastes like PB because it is PB without oils!  I bought thi a while ago, before WW at big lots.

So while Nutella has like 16 pts for 2 Tablespoons, I mixed my PB2 with my Chocolate Hummus so it is 5 points for 2 Tablespoons……uh uh, that’s the way to do it!

Add a banana and Boo Yah!  Yummy!

OMG Chocolate Hummus, sounds nasty

but it is freaking TASTY and only 3pts for 2 Tablespoons,  yes please!

I get a few cherries, some banana, and top it with the Chocolate hummus, great for that chocoloate craving without using all your points.

Boar’s Head, Dark Chocolate Dessert Hummus – Your Welcome!

Air Fryer….gotta get one

So one of the great things I heard about at WW was air frying.  So I told my hubby about it and he got me one for xmas….yes I am spoiled 🙂

My kids love it, frozen foods come out crisp in it, I like it for lots of things but the best of all…..Hard Boiled Eggs, REALLY, 10 min at 300 and they are done!

The problem, I forgot that my son also likes them, so I cook and batch and it is a race to see if I can use them before he eats them and I have to do another batch!

Doesn’t heat up the house, cuts down cooking time, so far everything has been good!  And takes little to no added oil, yum yum!

Kitchen Mash-Ups

This skill comes in handy for WW also.  So I had been buying some mushrooms that stuffed to cook, but I decided to do them myself, costs 1/2 the price and I can control what goes in.

So we had a bbq, lots of leftovers, chicken, bbq veggies, ect….hmmm…

cut up chicken, add some bbq zucchini, tomatoes and goat cheese, blend up,  take some mushrooms, take out stems (put to side DO NOT throw out, you wasters ;), stuff mushrooms with blend, put in Airfryer (OMG, I will post about this too, so awesome) 10 min, 300, and yummy,  3 WW pts, and very filling and yummy!

hmmm, what to do with the extra mushroom stems, oh hey, cut them out, add them to the squash soup base with tomatoes and some bbq zuchinni, thats right, another freaking meals with leftovers that is yummy, good for you and means no wasting food or money!


Weight Watchers….surprised me

I knew I needed to lose weight, but the diets don’t work for long.  WW is a life style change and it s pretty easy to follow, plus since life change, still g out to eat and get my chocolate!

I like the meetings because you get lots of tips and ideas and weighing in every week keeps you honest.

They have a great app with a barcode scanner that helps when you are out shopping.

I also went back to yoga, 3 days a week baby! And sometimes I go to gym with hubby, so extra there.

It comes off slow and steady, just like it was put on


We got narced on, AHoles!

We recently got a letter from HOA (which I  am not a fan of HOA’s, but alas, this house is in one) that the drought was over, water restrictions were lifted so lawns should be nice again.

I told my husband we needed to do the hilly area in the front, it was kinda dead and needed help, we planned to do it this April.

BUT NO, got a letter some Ahole complained, really, you pansy ass narcs, kiss me ass, if I knew who it was….oooohhhhhhh… we had to get it done.  And screw you Narco’s it looks damn good, just so pissed, freakin ass HOA freaks!

Sorry, it’s been a while…life gets

Cray Cray sometimes!  So let’s see, I joined weight watches, I have lost 19 lbs since October…Woot Woot for me.  That is two sizes since I am only 5 ‘1, and YES that one inch is on my Medical records to there!

However, the chances of me getting even close to 100 lbs is slim and none, last time I was 35 years younger, with no kids, or hubby, all that adds weight to you 🙂