Damn CAT!

I look over to counter and stupid cat has her FACE in my cup of tea!  Then she looks up, with my drink all over her face and is like WHAT?

Auuggh!  This isn’t her Tea Face, just a random pic of her piddinesDSC04229



Ok, That is IT, the Spiralizer is my FAVE!

This is a great gadget, I just got done making my own chips, with a potato that hadn’t been used and I didn’t want to waste it!, and they be lip smakin’ good, just oil, plus some seasoned oil, potatoes, and salt after.  I had a spice mix so I added that to the last batch of chips, give them a little different flavor.

The spiralizer gets the potato really thin, takes no time at all to fry, you would be amazed at how many chips a potato makes…..we are paying thru the #$%^ at the store!

So I don’t have to feel bad to eat my potato plate of chips, all though I won’t, because it is a LOT of chips.

I have all sorts of ideas floating thru my mind, lets see what I do next!

Wow – No “poo” is good!

As you may no, I have been doing  ” no “poo” which means no more store shampoos and conditioners and using baking soda and water instead, plus trying to wash my hair less and less to let the natural oils that our body provides to take care of my hair.

Does that mean I never used shampoo?  No, if I put a lot of product in my hair for a “night out” I will use my baking soda mix with a very small amount of a natural shampoo and use that.

My biggest discovery, which I had to verify before I posted, is my hair is THICKER!! How did that happen?  It didn’t happen overnight, I have been ‘no ‘pooin’ for a few years now, but I recently noticed that I actually have a pony tail when I put my hair up, and instead of having to twist my hair band 8 times to stay on, it only takes about 4, yes is my hair still thin, but it is thicker then before. Woo Hoo!

I think this is because I lose a lot LESS hair in the shower when I bath now, and my hair is growing in better.  Are there other reasons?  Maybe, but I am not a scientist, all I can tell you is that my hair is thicker, so if my hair can recover after decades of abuse, so can yours.

STOP buying shampoo, it strips the hair of its natural oils, then you have to Put them back IN with other products.  Having a bad hair day, put it in a pony tail, up in clips, braids.  Brush your hair 100 strokes every night, it takes the oils from the top and pulls them thru all your hair,

You win by spending less money, getting nice/thicker/stronger hair, save the environment – less plastic bottles.

kitchen mash-up …. save the fries!

So how many times to you end up leaving fries when you go out?  We had a huge amount of chili fries left and I brought them home.  Hmmmm what to do?

After my pool gym class, I cam home, I was hungry, but ewww, cold fries are gross!  Lets see, I cut the fries that came lose from the chili up first, and threw them in a pan, then I cut up the chili, added that, covered it and let it cook a while.

I then made an egg, and grabbed the lettuce and tomato left over from the bbq the day before, cut that up.

Then I check and the fries where cooked up fresh and yummy so I put them on a plate, added some cheese, put the egg on it and added the lettuce and tomato.

Damn sometimes I surprise myself, it was good and yummy!  Boyah!

Daily Harvest …..daily good

So as you know we are trying to eat better, so while smoothies are good, most places add yogurt, ice cream ect….that while taste yummy , defeat the purpose.  So we found Daily Harvest, they have smoothies (like a lot) ice cream (yes Ice Cream) but it is harder to make, and I am not a fan of the one with cauliflower in it, Chai parfait (bleck…but only my opionion) and soups.

I like the different varieties of flavors, benefits, and that they come frozen so you can use them when you want to, and scheduling is super easy.  They come with fruits and veggies, you add the liquid.

Check it out, if you could use the code below it would be helpful, you get 3 free , we get 3 Free, win/win for all 🙂


Daily Harvest delivers the unprocessed, organic foods that you crave right to your door. Our smoothies, soups, overnight oats and chia parfaits go from freezer to tummy in just minutes so you don’t have to compromise to fit healthy eating into your busy life

We’re giving you 3 free cups when you make your first purchase – because any friend of That Damn Cat 🙂 is a friend of ours.

Go ahead, take a bite!  Use Code: RE-5GK8S49


Green Chef – es good

So my mom and I are trying to eat healthier, mostly a plant based diet, so the Green Chef has a great vegetarian option with organic produce.

The dishes were easy enough even I could cook them, all though I still screw up some, ’cause Betty Crocker I ain’t!

It was nice because most of the time, if there was an ingredient we didn’t like ….say onions, peppers, ect….we could skip them.

Luckily my mom has a neighbor who likes spicy stuff like that so we could give it to him so the stuff didn’t go to waste.

Most of the dishes made 2 to 4 small servings, so it was perfect for us.

While it not “cheap” per plate, you would spend more getting all the ingredients , and yes you would have some left over, but how much of it would be wasted before you could us it all?

So this plan or any of the food plans are good for 1 / 2 people, more then that, not sure the price works as well.

Been gettin’ Busy….

jeeze not what you think…..:)  Started going to the gym, and I tried the aquatic exercise, I really like it.

I may be the youngest one there, by at least 20 years, but I am in the water for 60 minutes, and then after I do I few laps.

Sometimes I go twice a day, once to the water in the AM and then later with my husband to do the bike and treadmill (ugh!).  But that is what he likes to do and we both need to get active.

Yea, I gave up on the pilates….but I got my money’s worth, usually 40 dollar a class so I was able to get them for 25 a class.  Just a little to much for me.

Home made dog food toppers Kitchen Mash up

so when I give my dogs just dry food with nothing with it, I get a look of “what, am I some kind of animal?”

So I usually top it with a small portion of wet food, but that really isn’t all that good for them so I make additional toppers for them.

Some time of pumpkin/squash , banana ( using up so they don’t go bad) , and left over rice if we have it.  I cook all the items then add it with the wet food and mix together.

Pumpkin helps with their digestion, and the 16 yr JRT mix can use all the help he can get