OMG….a puppy is like a baby!!

Someone smack me, what was  I thinking???  The pooping, the crying, the lack of sleep…..aaauugggghhh.

At least human babies don’t have worms…, yack, disgusting, how can so much c

ome out of something only 2.8 lbs????

Thank goodness she is worth it, the cat however is NOT amused, and Mushy is still like “WTF is this furry thing???”


Freaking tomato thief!!!!!

aaauugghhhhh……. the little thief is still eating my tomatoes,  I am bringing them in early so they can ripen in my window, safe and sound.

Why won’t he/she eat the basil or mint trying to take over my garden, why!!!!!

If they go after my one zucchini that is finally growing it may become all out war!

WW KMU Low Carb Veggie style

Yea, I know, I am on WW, but I also eat low carb and mostly vegetarian, but I don’t like onions and peppers, aaauuuggghhh!

So, hmmm, I have a squash from a neighbor, no idea what kind, I have canned tomatoes and some mushrooms???  And, oh , hey, Veggie Meatballs……..(light bulb!)

I pull out the can of tomatoes, I blend about 3/4 of can with some garlic, I put it in a pan and add the unblended tomatoes.  I add the veggie meatballs (3 pts for 3), while simmering I add some mushrooms.

Then I pulled out the veggie spiralizer, I cut off the neck of the squash (narrow part) and made a LOT of noodles!

I put those in a pan with some garlic and cook those up, then after a few minutes I added the veggie marinara sauce.  BOHYAH!  Huge plate of food, very low carbs and only 3pts!

You gotta think out of the box, can, bag, and yummy things happen!

Aauugghh……so the little shit strikes again

the consensus is either a Rat or a Raccoon is the culprit (prior post of 1/2 eaten peaches in a “nest?”.

So the little shit got in my covered area and started eating my ripe tomatoes!

Some bitch!  why doesn’t it eat the mint instead, it keeps trying to take over my whole garden!

Well…poopie…..not that I am

complaining about my weight loss, I feel a LOT better, but I went to pull out all my travel clothes, light weight, moisture wicking, and NOTHING fits!

Now I like to clothes shop like any self respecting woman 🙂  but I had to re-buy stuff that is only used occasionally.

Auugghhh, plus I waited until two weeks before to check, so now I have a deadline and can’t wait for sales……(sobbing on floor….auugghh).

Luckily, I found a few things on sale, and I am combing my closet for light stuff I can fit into.

So, glad about the weight lost, but not about the money I am spending :’)


Another tomato bites the dust….

aka, some stupid bug ate it, the WHOLE thing, sheesh!

So I took the rest of them that were close to done and brought them in, so they turn red in my kitchen in safety.

I have some stuff coming up in my boxes, and , ahem…. ok….I am not really sure what it will be since I have the patience of a 6 yr old….ok…fine…3 year old!

When stuff doesn’t come up I add more, then all of a sudden stuff starts coming up but I have no idea what, shit, last time I thought I had spinach and it was small potatoes…

It is my mystery garden, seriously, most of the stuff coming up is a complete mystery!



We said “good bye” to our JRT mix

We had Rudder for 16 yrs.  We got him because our boys were getting older and we wanted someone for Dempsey our Boxer, plus Vance wanted a dog, of course he wanted a big dog like a Husky, we said no, to much shedding, they went to a breeder, supposedly he wouldn’t shed. HA!  He shed more then my mom’s goldens!!  And not only that, it was sharp fur and would stick in you!  But he was a wonderful dog, when Dempsey died 2 years later, we got Iggy, a Pug, those two were together for 10 years.

They would go in the same cage at the groomers and boarders, they didn’t like to be separated.  When Iggy died 10 years later, we got Mushu, (sorry Rudder), he seemed lonely and sad, but Mushu is … well…cray cray!  But they made it thru.

Rudder was mostly healthy, but just recently, his health started to fail, and over the Memorial Day Holiday, we had to let him go, he is now running in great health and playing with his Mama Dempsey, and his Bestie Iggy.

All of my furries are greatly missed as there is never a more pure/true/loyal love then that of your dog.


Kitchen Mash-up bean style

I bought dried beans at the store, 3 different kinds.  They were in my pantry.

I had some veggies that were getting soft so I threw them in a pot and made Veggie broth.

Later that week I had a left over piece of chicken, sooo, I pulled out my veggie broth and boiled the chicken it in, now I have a chicken soupy type broth.

I then decided to soak my beans overnight in my chicken broth!  Sometimes I even surprise myself!

Then the next day, after draining the old broth, I cooked them in some new broth, when they were almost done, I added a bunch of veggies from the fridge and pantry, and make a chicken veggie bean soup.  YummY!

And it was souper (see the joke?) good and make 6 servings, for about $4.00 dollars!

Kitchen Mash-up Banana Bread Muffins

sooooo….you all know I like my sweets and snacks, I just like them healthy, well we all know that Banana Bread isn’t really the healthiest of choices…..but I healified them!

We have had some bananas go soft, so I peeled them and froze them.  A lot of them!

So I used the same muffin recipe as the Apple Fritters with some minor changes:


2 cups all purpose flour….hmm….well….ok….I admit, the flour in my cabinet is basically a mix of white, wheat, soy, almond, and flax seed 🙂  – but hey use all purpose if you want

1 cup sugar…..yeah… that is gonna happen…… changed that to 1/3 cup Truvia

1tsp baking powder

1tsp baking soda

2 banana’s cooked with 1/2 cup water, cinnamon and vanilla to taste, should be a pudding like mixture

1 8oz container of blueberry yogurt –  nope used 1/2 cup  of Plain fat free yogurt, I mixed the Banana mixture in it to make it moist

1 egg – remember I am not vegan, you can probably use a “flax egg” if you are

1 tsp Vanilla – NOPE – already used with my banana mixtute

4 Tbl Spoon butter – NOT!!!  I made a batch with 1/2 the butter, couldn’t tell the difference, then I made a batch with NO butter and still couldn’t taste a difference so I skip this altogether


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Grease 12 muffin cups or line with paper muffin liners.
  2. Stir together flour, sugar, baking soda and baking powder. In a separate bowl, combine yogurt, banana mixture, egg,  and . Stir mixtures together just until combined; batter will be very thick. Scoop into prepared muffin cups.
  3. Bake in preheated oven for 25 minutes.

Per Serving: 205 calories; 4.5  38.1  3.6  26  179 

Saved money by freezing my banana’s until I was ready to use them, save on my waistline as they are very good and moist without a lot of sugar!

Well I did it, I ordered some Ladybugs

I am hoping to put them in my garden and that they will eat all the pesky bad insects.  I hope it works.

So my potatoes (not spinach) are doing good, my tomatoes are coming back in, and some lettuce is looking good.

I have some bean plants coming up too.  I have 3 old grow boxes I am going to fill up also.

So we shall see!