I got a Fig Tree

woo hoo, and it had fruit on it when I got it. Of course it had more on it when it left the store then when it got home, car was a tight squeeze.

But I have already gotten 2 figs off of it and more are coming, it is weird that only 1 to 3 fruits go on each branch.

will be keeping it pruned so it is small and I can reach it.

I maybe a TAD impatient….

sooo, I put some seeds in my planters and didn’t see anything sprout, so a few weeks later I put in some other seeds.  One set of seeds started growing, not sure which ones for a while, but know I noticed the OTHER set is growing, so now I have no idea what I got!

I think I am going to have a buttload of squashy type things, Dellica, Cucumber, Butternut, Spaghetti, lots of different type and size leaves.  Hope I have lots of people to trade with!


doggie bag kitchen mashups

Restaurant doggie bags can be people mashups:)

We went to our Greek restaurant and had lemon potatoes, hummus and pita bread left over.

I BBQ’d the other night and had corn on the cob and a yam, yep a yam, I also bought a sweet potato, haven’t cooked it yet.  Wanted to see what the difference was between them.  A yam is a sweeter version of a potato but not as sweet as a sweet potato, so far, that is what i have learned.  The reason for this seeming diversion will be clear in a few moments.

We went to a Persian restaurant and had hummus, rice pilaf, fava bean type hummus, cheese things, and pita bread left over.

Kitchen Mashup 1 – cut corn off cob, heated it with the rice pilaf, heated up a few lemon potatoes, had some hummus and bread, and a salad.

Kitchen mashup 2 – at the cheese things for a snack 🙂

Kitchen mashup 3 – if you don’t know what to do with some things, throw them in  pot and make soup …..so, fava bean hummus stuff, 1/2 left over yam, corn off the cob (last one from bbq,  lemon potatoes, veggie broth and water….

and I still have more leftovers…… gonna get quite a few meals, nice way to stretch your food budget