O….M….G….. freaking pilates groupon deal

so I decided to try the boot camp, instead of the pilates class……it is easier in the sense I don’t have to try and balance on the machine, or keep the side thingies with me, but it is SO MUCH harder work, I am to old to do jumping Jacks….come on!  and using the TRX hanging things, lots of squats, pushups, ect.

I go thru it, but I was so scarred, that I haven’t gone back to any classes…ok that isn’t completely true, we were on vacation last week, and I just didn’t feel like it this week.


Trying to decided which class to take next…the hard one, or the harder one, SHIT!  Should have taken the 5 class one, I would be done know, at least I got my moneys worth.

As you know I am “frugal” not Cheap

however, even I can amaze myself sometimes.  I got a “deal” on groupon, I had the choice between 10 and 5 pilates reformer classes, I of course took the 10.

OMG, I so wish I had only got the 5, this shit is HARD, shit, shit, shit, and yesssss, I know it is a deal, since classes are usually 40 @ and I am spending 10@, but still, I can’t just let it go.

So  I am going to go the 10 times even if it kills me, which it just might, because these machines weren’t build for short, weak people like me.  Son Of A #@$%!.

I am only going once a week, because that is all I can handle, trying a different kind of class today, hope to jeebez it is slightly less terrifying!

Why??? Stupid kitchen…

My kitchen talks back to me!  Seriously, stupid things are beeping all the time.  If I turn on the degrees but forget to hit the start button, it beeps at me.  When the Microwave is done, it I don’t get to it in time, It beeps at me.

BLTHHHH!  Stupid kitchen!

Wonderful Weddings..

Weddings are a great time for family gatherings for a Wonderful reason, much better then at a funeral.  Weddings and Baby Showers!

My son worked with me at my old work so we invited a few of our friends from there, we keep up on facebook, but we are all spread out, it was nice to see them again.

We have a LARGE family, and quite a few were able to come, so it was like a mini family reunion.  Of course of the first questions we got was ” Is that cat real?!”  yes she is real and full of cattitude!





Weddings remind us that we should get together with those we love and cherish more often!