Kitchen Mash ups

what to do, what to do, gotta some mozzarella cheese balls, beans, tomato, spinach…..

cheese balls will be going bad soon, beans left over from dinner, just got tomato and spinach


but some coconut oil in then add cheese, found out if you don’t it is really hard to clean the pan ;(   add beans, cut up tomatoes, spinach and wahlah, a nice skillet of food that can be either Breakfast or Lunch.


aaahhh, enjoying

I work at home so I can make extra money and enjoy life, however, I very rarely “enjoy” it, so today I said “screwit”  I am now outside, with a glass of tea, under the patio, enjoying the radio and doing my work.

This is work / life balance….now if the dogs would just stop barking and whining, all would be good!

Double Duty Clean and Save

If you use the clothes to clean makeup off your face, before throwing them away after cleaning your face, use them to clean up the bathroom.

This way you get a clean face and bathroom with out having to spend extra money to do it.

Super easy way to save money, remember don’t flush them, throw them in the trash.

OMG…. where is my rut??

You go along, thinking, you getting a good schedule down, get up, do some work from home, go to yoga , come home do stuff around the house, people come home.  Repeat.

Then boom, your husband decides to move (again it was a good choice), then comes the holidays (moving in and selling a home, kind of hectic) then you end up scheduling an earlier then planned vacay in March because your sis-in-law doesn’t want to go out of the country alone, then your kid is  getting married in May so you are helping with the wedding plans and your son in Montana is going to run a Marathon in June and he wants you there and you are IN a renewal of Vows ceremony in July.

Life can be like diarrhea…shit comes out of now where and keeps you running


I hate when he is right….shit….

so I have to say, my husband was right, the move was a good call.  It is a little smaller town so I have already learned my way around pretty good.  And the best thing is my mom has decided to move closer finally, so she will be 15 min instead of 50 min away.

But still, darn it, I hate when he is right…blththhhh

Just for men my ARSE!

so, as you may remember, I am going grey, now I have GONE grey, seriously, there is very few non-grey hairs growing in….waaaahhhh.

So I thought, why can’t I use Just for Men hair color?  Only 5 minutes?  Easy to do?  So I went online and found nothing that says there is no grey hair is difference for men and women.

So I bought a box, brought it home, and damn it to all if it DID work, no more grey, only took five minutes.  Sheesh.

The difference I could find is that this dye will only dye the grey hairs, so since I dye my hair a little lighter, my roots are a very unnoticable shade darker, but NO GREY baby!

If you highlight your hair, or dye it many shades different then you regular hair color, not sure if would work as good, but for 5 minutes and $6.00 can’t hurt to give it a try!