sigh………just walked block twice…

once with Cat in stroller and Mushu on leash, then once with old dogie in stroller and Mushu on leash.

I hope Mushu is now tired, she is driving me crazy!  Stupid cat wants her water “from facet”.

just another day and the dog and cat hotel!


True cost of owning a home….

Home ownership isn’t just about the mortgage, that is just 1 part……it is hard not only to buy the house but to stay in it…

  • Mortgage
  • Home Insurance
  • Real Estate Taxes
  • Gas
  • Trash
  • Water
  • Electric
  • PMI* – not everyone has this, no one should, just a waste of money, if you can put down enough not to have this payment do it!  FYI if you are paying, once you get your mortgage balance low enough you can request to stop paying this fee, check with your lender!

Home builders should have to install “grey” water systems in all new houses……water from sink and shower go into toilet, so non-potable water is used first.  Think of how much drinking water is wasted every time you flush the toilet.

Home builders should have to install some solar panels and a storage battery to cut down on electric usage and costs.  *If you have HERO financing in your area you might want to look into it for solar.

This doesn’t include any costs for repairs, maintaining house, furniture ect.

You can’t do much about some of the costs, but reducing your use of electric, water and gas will help your bottom line.



Go Less Meat – no just Meatless on Monday

back in the “day” they used to say go “Meatless on Monday”.   While we all know going veggie only is good for the body and earth, there are a lot of people who like meat and won’t change.  Stop Judging, it only makes things worse.

I say, lets change the conversation, lets eat “less” meat per meal, this will save money, waistlines and the world.

I have posted quite a bit on reducing food waste and ways to reuse items “kitchen Mash-ups” to make new meals.

Here is an example, again, we got a bunch of chicken legs , we bbq’d them, but we had some left over.  So I filled a pot with water and threw them in it.  Now I have homemade broth, and a plate full of chicken, instead of 4 legs, which is maybe two meals, I have enough chicken to make, chicken soup/stew PLUS chicken salad, those two meals have become 8 and they are good and natural and FREE!  Plus lots of chicken stock!

So you don’t need to go meatless, just go Less Meat per meal!

WW tips – potato

so I love potatoes, some I got a bag of the small fingerling ones,   for breakfast I cut one up and fried it, plus an egg.

Only 2 pts, it is still big enough for my potato craving, but small enough not to use up a bunch of points!

You can also add to soup or make up small batch of potato salad without using lots of points!

Spoiled animals….

so while we were gone my son and his wife watched the animals….ha ha ha, hee ,  hee, hee

of course I send him a text asking how they are doing and here is his response “alive”, aauugghhh

then his wife sends me a text, “he is spoiling them” with a picture of them all covered up sleeping.

He is very unhappy he had to turn on the faucet to get the cat to drink 🙂

But everyone happy and healthy when we got home

Well, I have survived the flu from hell

OMG, that was awful, I can’t remember a more painful sickness then that!  And Ihad the flu shot.

At least we were able to go on our vaca to Maui, it was nice, still a little coughing, but other then that ok.

Saw some Sea Turtles, that was awesome!  So big, so cute.  We went on the Sub, went down 130 ft, saw bunch of fish, Eel, Shark and spotted Ray.  Pretty Nice Luau after sub.

It was nice but overcast so we didn’t use the sunblock we bought.

Yes it is expensive to eat, but try and hit the Happy Hours, then more reasonable, also go to grocery store for snacks and water, and if where you are staying offers breakfast, eat there.



OMG, just put me out of my misery

I have been fighting the flu since last Monday, I am losing, I feel like someone took a bat and just beat the living crap out of me, and then came back every hour and did it again.

This is just not right people, I have been sick before, but the body aches, never!

I have lost about 5 lbs, so this is the first day I could really eat, and I had a Micky D quarter pounder, and it was WONDERFUL!

Now just hoping I am over the worst and one to feeling better.

Egg and Banana Pancake, I swear!

So I heard this recipe for Egg and Banana Pancake, and is true, it is good and seems like a regular pancake!

2 eggs, 1 banana, season with Cinnamon, and what else you would like, I blended it up and cooked it on a heated skillet, I did one big pancake, and it was good, plus NO points, eggs and fruit are free for WW!  I spiced mine up and it tasted like gingerbread.

Try it, you will like it!