Solar is AmAzInG….love it!

So know that the sun is staying out longer, we will be getting even more energy.  I love that my last bill was…..$50……usually over $275…….boom chacklaka BOOM!

It will keep getting smaller the rest of the year….woop, woop! Even figuring in the cost of the solar, we are going to save at LEAST $100 a month, $200 during summer, that adds up people!

Got ours from Costco, good pricing, better financing, plus 2% back , plus a $600 GC, yep …win/win/win.

And yes I still will take my jeans and towels outside to dry mostly in the sun, still want to keep my use down, plus it is better for the clothes and less wear and tear on my machines!

The Great Milk Debate…Whole, Low-Fat, skim

When my husband and I got married, he drank Whole Milk my family drank Skim milk so we compromised on 2% milk.

Since I am really watching what I buy and eat I have found a way to save money, and drink milk, how you ask? By buying whole milk and watering it down 50%. This actually gives me Less Calories then either Low or Skim and Less fat the Low. Here is the breakdown:

Whole Low Skim Whole milk + water

Cal 150 120 90 75
Fat 8g 5g .5g 4g
Cholestrol 25 25 5 12.5
sodium 100 125 125 50
carb 11 12 12 5.5
sugars 8 11 12 4
protein 8 8 8 4

Now I have to ask myself why does the Sodium and Carb content go UP when the fat goes down? I will just keep on with adding water to the whole milk, it makes my milk last longer which saves my money, it tastes just as good and I get less Cal and Fat…win/win/win!