A/C and Me…

most of you know, maybe, I have been avoiding getting A/C like the plague!

The A/C was almost constantly running when my husband and/or son came home in the other house and I was always FREEZING.

I had blankets all over to use, so I would freeze to death, so when we got here,  I was fine with no A/C.

We  installed new windows last year which made a HUGE difference, house much cooler and warmer.

But about 2 weeks out of the year it is miserable hot.  We all have portable a/c units in our rooms to use at night to sleep.  Or we can always go to a hotel, much cheaper then A/C!

However, just recently, besides getting solar, I have relented on the A/C…why you ask???


How does anyone deal with this shit!  Seriously, someone just hose me down….I hate to sweat…..that is a theme here, I don’t like to exercise….why…because it makes me sweat!

But just lying down and trying to sleep when the heat just starts rolling off you and the sweat starts is just so wrong, so so so wrong!

Now I know why lots of older women cut their hair short, during the day I am constantly putting it up, (hot), let it down (cooler) put it back, repeat ect ect!

So yea, I finally relented, because it is A/C and sleep or no A/C, no sleep, ^%$&!!!