oky dky food blog diary here I am again

Breakfast – Banana – woke up hungry today
Yoga – 20 min – on Youtube Casting to TV – not club cost big fat ZERO
Lunch – hmmm, yesterday I cooked a spaghetti squash, so I pulled some of that out and pulled out some cheese ravolis out and mixed them together. Yea, lowered the carbs and cals, and no meat, yes some cheese, but remember, you can say it with me “vegetarian yes, vegan, not so much 🙂
Bike to the post office box to drop off some mail, bought bike a few years ago, finally get some real use out of it.
Vacume/vaccume Yes this counts as exercise 🙂
Snack – Hummus (feta artichoke spinach) & carrots
Dinner – Green salad with Falelfel. Ok, will not be eatting Falefel again, it was spicy and soooo didn’t agree with me 🙂
Dessert – NONE

I am hoping that by blogging my food diary I will keep on track, plus when I blog I get some followers and/or commentors who follow this lifestyle and I get to follow them back for more tips. It works out pretty darn good 🙂

Tea and Bikes

Well, I have to say that I am feeling better then I have in a long while. Why, hmmm….I had to think about it and I realized, I have been sleeping better since I stopped drinking the diet coke.

Even though tea has caffine (thus no headaches when I switched from diet coke) it has a LESS… so I drink a lot less caffine thru the day and at night before going to bed.

I have also been riding my bike almost everyday at work, on my AM break….to hot after 11 now, so even if I don’t do much once I get home, I have done something at least once that day.

I have been trying to still do something when I get home, walk the dogs, play the WII, being ACTIVE not exercising (cause I am soo not a super active person (aka lazy):-)

So the better I feel the more active I become, the more active I become the better I feel…..hmmmm….looks like a good cycle going on…get it “cycle” …hee hee hee (Yea I crack my self up 🙂

Just say no to gas :-)

It seems like gas prices keep going up again. Now if you are like me there is no way I can get to work except by car. I live over 20 miles and 2 freeways away.

However, when I get to work, I try go places that I can walk or ride my bike to. I have an extra bike I brought to work (couldn’t sell it for what it was worth).

So instead of getting in your car for your break, walk or ride. A lot of people giving a little effort can amount to a BIG change.

Not only can we reduce our gas usage, but our polluting of the environment and I am reducing my bUttocks 🙂

Good for Body and Mind

I have to say, even though I ain’t gettin’ skinny, I like riding my bike on breaks at work.

Not only do I get away from my desk and into the sunshine, this is a good thing, they say that you need at least 15min sunshine for your body to make Vit D…so not only do I get to destress, work on my cardio, tighten those “not so tight” areas any more but also give my body a Vit D boost.

The only down side…I hate getting sweaty…even changing my shirt after I still fill a little sticky, but small price to pay for my health.

the goal is to ride on both breaks and lunch…we will see…