Birthdays for Adult children can be…

difficult.  Unless they ask for something specific what are you going to get them?

I was talking to my son, who is turning 27, so has been off our INS for a while, about getting his Dental Checkup.  He said, “my birthday is coming up, why don’t you do that for me?”.

So I did!  They have a deal for 1st time clients at our dental office, so that is what he is getting.  Something he needs and wants, have to think outside the box when they get older!

Of course his standard answer when I ask him what he wants is usually ” you can get me a new car and a new house”  my answer is always ” yea, I will add that to the list of things to get when we win the lottery!”

Ahhhh, family!

So my Bday was this month…

and my husband got me a slot to go the the CAT CAFE, yep, that’s right.

It was Meowing Awesome!  A few kittens, older cats.  It was fun.

Although there were some little kids there hogging up the cat toys!

There was a kitten there that looked like a cat I used to have, I texted my husband that my cat had been reincarnated, but he wouldn’t let me bring him home ;(

Next on my bday gift list, GOAT YOGA! Woo hoo, already got a friend to sign up to.  Should be fun!