Day 7 Bogota

We arrive in the afternoon at Bogota, we get a driver at the kiosk outside the airport to our hotel, we pay for it there, recommended safest way to travel by many.

We get to our hotel room 1/2 later, flight was short, so we check in, and halleFreakiglujah, we have an elevator, and we are in the middle of the city, BoomChakalakBoom, I am ready to roll after a shower of course.

Our rooms are very big, almost to big, not overly furnished, only downside is our window faces a street that has a bar, and they love to party here!  We got in on a Wed and stayed Thursday and the music was hoppin’ past 3am both days, don’t these people have to work or sumptin??

We loved Bogota, the people are friendly, many speak English, the food is good and the price is right.  Yes you will see cops and military men with dogs and guns, “but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”,  we felt very safe and secure.


We went to La Candelaria that day, we got a taxi from our hotel, I HIGHLY recommend getting a driver or having them wait (you will see why shorlty), it is very cool area, we walked until it started getting dark.  We have read that there isn’t much to do at night here and it isn’t the safest after dark, well, we found out that NO ONE wants to go back to Miraflores, (where our hotel was) at that time, it was getting dark, no cabs would take us, so I went to the book store and a very nice guy left his work station to walk us to a hotel down there so they could get us a safe ride home.  That is right HE LEFT his work, to walk us there.  I wish I had gotten his name so I could send him a Thank You, he spoke pretty good English so he told the guy there what we needed and where we needed to go and we got home safely.

So if you go to La Candelaria and plan on staying til almost dark, have you Taxi Wait, or do what we did the next day and hire a driver for 1/2 day to take you everywhere!

So we got home, showered, went out to eat , came back and went to sleep, because the next day was going to be busy….freaking husband, go go go!