Gas is going up for everyone but meeeeeee :)

I love my electric Fiat, I swear it is like driving a Hotwheel……watch out…here I come, what me sail past all the Gas stations, ’cause I don’t need none.

Beep Beep Suckarssss 🙂

I love being able to drive short distances and come back with MORE miles then I started with!  However, long trips with a/c on cut mileage by about 30%.  Still works for me, I was in the Car Pool Lane Today!



so we got the notice that our electric would be out and we couldn’t park on the street.

So my Fiat E is in the garage, my son parked in my husbands spot and I parked the Bug I haven’t turned in yet next to it.

Hubby parked on the street because he would be gone by the time they started to work on the street.

So my son goes to leave but comes back in because an Truck is blocking his car in the drive (we have an electric box thingy by our driveway) so he takes my Bug.  I told him that is fine I will just drive my Fiat.  But when I go to leave, the electricity is still off and I CAN’T get my Electric Garage Door Open to drive my electric car!!!!

Come on already, and to add insult to injury the electric was supposed to be off from 8 to 3pm, it didn’t come back on it 8PM.

I had a car but couldn’t & didn’t need to drive, but now that I don’t have a car…

and my cast is off, and I can walk a little bit, I am like, I need a car!

I am so glad my son will be getting his car this weekend, because, this is crazy. I have things to do, but I can’t because no car.


Get my hair done, it really needs it
Go get my b shot, I have no energy
Go see the girls from work…cause I need some adults to talk to
Got get a mani pedi, because my feet are looking ragged

but even though I can kinda of walk, I have no car , because the other child is using it for work and school.

Musical cars….

So my oldest son has a 1999 Nissan Altima that we got him when he was in HS, 8 years ago. He did not take good care of it, but it has lasted until now.

We all knew it was on its last legs, but it said “screw y’all, I am done” today. So now my youngest is going to let his brother drive his car, he is going to drive my car (a Bright Yellow Bug :), he is so not amused, and I am going to be carless.

But since I really am not doing much, no big deal, need to get a new car this weekend though for the oldest. Woo Hoo. Watch out dealership, mama is gonna make sure her boy gets a good deal!

I used to work at a car dealership, I know a bunch of the crap they try and pull. Don’t mess with my baby or you gonna end up in a mess o trouble.

Move yer arse!

My son says I have road rage, I say I have stupid arsehole rage.

I don’t expect people to speed, I do however, expect you to do the SPEED LIMIT if you are in the FAST LANE.

Wanna go slower, no problem, get your arse in the slow lane.

What really torks my shorts is the guy in the oh… I don’t know….Camero, Jag, muscle cars ect…. going SLOW on the freeway in the FAST lane.

Idiot, lets change cars at least!

Damn Hoodlems…

Someone put a beer bottle thru the back window of my Honda Civic. Assholes!!! The good thing is that it had a “tint film” on it so there was a hole punched in it but the window stayed together.

I hope they cut themselves!! I found the rest of the bottle they pushed thru and I am going to see if the police want to see if they can get some prints off it.

I had a company come to my work and fix it, but they couldn’t do the tint film so I have to pay more if I want that back on, as it was it cost me over $300 to fix it.

I sooo don’t have that kind of money but my insurance deductable is $500 so there u r.