Sometimes you just gotta do it

what can I say, I have been doing good lately, but I was jonesing for some carbs, so I had a reasonably healthy choice , shells with cheese and spinach.

While it was yummy in my tummy, I took a hit on WW, but gosh darn it, it was worth it 🙂

Actually I would have been alright, but two days later we went to lunch with the kids and I had 5, yes, so embarrassing, but I ate 5 biscuits, they were like air!

So I didn’t lose, and I only gained .04, so I am happy with that!

This is a life style, not a diet, so I won’t be perfect, still I can enjoy what I want and feel pretty darn good about it.

Plus went clothes shopping and went down 2 sizes (yeah my clothes were slightly baggy….) and the clothes were on sale 50% off….boyah!  Happy Dance!

Trying to lose weight while using

up leftovers and avoiding food waste isn’t as easy at is seems.  I did try using the black beans in a brownie recipe, uh no thanks, wasn’t good, wasn’t like you spit it out, it was just Meh.

I try to eat my carbs early so for lunch I got a twofer….I used up a hamburger bun so I wouldn’t have to throw it away, I basically toasted it in a pan, added cheese, hummus, tomato, avocado and lettuce, it was actually pretty darn good 🙂

For dinner we went to Baja Fresh,  I got 2 wahoo grilled tacos and tortilla soup, the one thing I always do is only eat 1 of the 2 tortillas they put them on.  Then since I added tomato and plain yogurt (in place of sour cream) to them, I also added it to the soup to cool it down some.

Still trying to get in my fruit/veggies it is working pretty good.  Helps really good if I am starving while cooking, by the time I am done, since I had the snack, I don’t eat so fast nor as much.

Exercise is my downfall, I hate to do it, it is boring, and you get sweaty….but the puppy is driving me crazy, so I am getting a twofer, I walk her and we both get exercise and hopefully she gets a little calmer for a short while:)