Gas is going up for everyone but meeeeeee :)

I love my electric Fiat, I swear it is like driving a Hotwheel……watch out…here I come, what me sail past all the Gas stations, ’cause I don’t need none.

Beep Beep Suckarssss 🙂

I love being able to drive short distances and come back with MORE miles then I started with!  However, long trips with a/c on cut mileage by about 30%.  Still works for me, I was in the Car Pool Lane Today!


Get rewards for your favorite sport – Shopping!

We all shop, we all shop on-line. I have joined a few shopping sites but primary I use

My Points – you get points for shopping, reading emails, taking surveys – I have turned these points in for Gas Cards, Restaurants cards, I always check this and my other site to see which one is going to give me the better “bang” for my buck. Sometimes one will have the site and other won’t. I joined in 1999 and have earned 130,293 points.

I have tried other sites off and on and have always come back to My Points as one of the first and best sites.

Ebates – is another site I like because you get CASH back. I started using them in April 2011 and I have received $218.95 cash back from them, just buying stuff I usually buy thru their site.