Day 4 continues….Chinchero

So we get up, get to the airport, they are late as always, not too bad this time, around 20 minutes.  So it takes 1 1/2 hrs from Lima to Cusco, now when you get in you will see tons of taxi drivers trying to get your business, you have to actually leave the airport building to find your driver if you hired one.

We upgraded to a Van, since my family needs the legroom and we had 3 bags, our driver was great but spoke very limited English.  KB Tambo tours I would highly recommend using, we check the reviews and they were just as great as promised.

So since we had about 6 hours until our train, we took the sightseeing tour of the Sacred Valley, we learned something at this time, 6 weeks of exercise is NOT enough to get in shape for all the Climbing you will be doing in a high elevation!

Our first stop was Chinchero….our first taste of our very sad physical condition 🙂  This stop is not far from Cusco…. here we bought a ticket for 4 places (Pisac , Ollantaytambo, Chinchero & Moray) for aprox $27 us.

The ruins are cool, but the climb, all though small was brutal, but at least I finally saw a Freaking Alpaca!  I usually carry a backpack/purse with water, sunblock, ect… I had to have my son carry it, so I could climb, rest, climb, rest… it was embarrasing as kids and old people are running past me!  They also have a small market place, but as we were still going other places we didn’t really shop there.

Peru is a BEAUTIFUL country, and you see animals out grazing all the time, cows, sheep, pigs, plus donkeys….it is so cool.  All there animals are free range and eat grass.  That is probably why the food tastes so good and fresh.

Then it was off to Maras Salt Mine and Moray….and gosh darn it, tons more walking and climbing…auuggh!