Day 6 ….Cuzco on our way to Bogota Columbia

So we have to fly to Bogota early the next morning so we leave from Machu Picchu …. 1 1/2 hr train back to Olly, then we get a “taxi” which is a van that takes up to 8 people back to Cuzco another 2 hrs away because of frequent stops to pick up and drop off people on our way there.

Remember we just climbed for hours at Machu Picchu, and then what seem like hours, to get back to our room at the top of the hill!

So by the time we finally got to the hotel, I was tried and worn out, and again, we got a really nice hotel, but we are in high elevation and our hotel is on a hill , 40 stairs!  Yes I counted them!

Then again, my sons room is on the bottom floor, we are 3 stories up, with more stairs and the room is a 2 Story Apartment type thing!  OMG….come on…. so I did NOT go out that day.

While son and hubby went exploring I enjoyed my new place, I gathered up all our clothes that needed to be washed, there was a laundry at the bottom of the hill, they took it to them…not me, and I reconfigured out bags, ate some chocolate, drank some tea, took a shower to get refreshed for the climb down to dinner and then back up again!

Now the rooms were well worth it, super nice, like little apartments, it just so much stairs and climbing….enough already!