7/16….keeping on keeping on

Breakfast – two eggs

Pilates… It took me 3 days to recoup, going again

Lunch – nannish bread with PB & Homemade J

Vet for poor Iggy’s eye

Snack – date fudge….no bake, just dates, cocoa powder, water, vanilla, topping cocoa powder, honey, vanilla, coconut oil


Food diary….can’t lie to myself

Sooo, time to track the ole food in the pie hole 🙂


I am using Lose It again, I like it, I also found you can add it to a bunch of fitness trackers.  Got one for xmas but OE can’t make it work, plus not used to wearing something 24/7 so took it back.

I will do it the old fashioned way, I will log it manually …. but this means I try and put everything down, so no lying to myself.  Sigh….I am so easy to lie to…oh well….I guess deep down I knew that Chocolate Cake had to have SOME calories 😉

While I am keeping a diary as I go, it may

show up later, as I don’t always remember to post it the same day.  But I will post it, this is a way of looking back at what I did and why and making any adjustments needed.  Also a great way to keep on track and I tend to get a lot of great comments and links to other people doing Vegetarian, Low Carb, ect…and I want to say THANK YOU in advance to all of you.

I really appreicate it, the web is overwhelming, so much info…so little time 🙂

I found blogging about my new eating habits helped me stay the course

it isn’t like anyone was gonna go “BAD GIRL” if I screwed up, but having the feeling of reporting what I was eating (or not) helped me stay the course, don’t want to have to say I ate 1/2 a chocolate cake (though I probably would do it, if I thought I could get away with it :)!

So I may start doing it again, to help me stay the course, I think I am doing pretty good overall, but dairy and poultry are trying to get back in my diet.

Plus I do have food in the freezer that will need to be eaten as you know my feeling about wasting anything, especially money and food.

Right now I am finishing up the Fish I have in the freezer, I am hoping while I do this, the rest of the family will finish up the chicken and steak. Although as a family, we eat very little red meat, but a lot of chicken.

My husband tries to tell me he is “part-time” vegan, when he drinks a fruit and veggies slushie, I said “what about the bacon you just ate” and his is all “that is why I am Part-Time”…aauugghhhh.

Well, this is going to be a life long journey and as they say the journey should be fun.

the new me….eating better….almost vegetarian, not gonna make vegan

I have had it easier then most I think to stop eating red meat, I never ate much of it to begin with. The dairy has been a little harder, much I have found a substitute with the soy for my yogurt, I eat very little cheese now, and on 4/10/14 was my first use of milk (in my non-gmo cheerios with strawberries and blackberries) since I started my new eating habits.

I have no problem using soy, almond, rice milk in my cooking and baking, not sure about in my cereal or glass of chocolate milk yet.

The hardest thing to get out of my diet I have found is poultry. I like and have always eaten chicken and turkey, I like the substitutes out there, and if Tofu or alternative is offered I always take it. But quite often, if there isn’t any Tofu, I find my self eating chicken. I have drastically cut down the eggs is eat to none, but I will use them in baking.

So while I am about 90% vegetarian, I am not sure I will ever be 100%. I know Vegan isn’t going to happen. But I try my best to eat free range, non-antibioticed up, local, poultry and dairy.

Day 18 – almost at the end

of my food diary/blogging. As you can see from yesterday I ain’t perfect, but I try 😉 I haven’t had any red meat so far (pork is the new white meat :). I have reduced my Dairy by a huge amount, the fowl has gone down also. It is much easier to go Vegetarian then Vegan, but then I never planned on Vegan. I wonder why when you eat between Breakfast and Lunch it is considered a “snack” and after dinner a “dessert”?

Breakfast – homemade bread, jam, Laura Scutter’s PB
Snack n/a
Lunch – BBQ joint – had the Potato and Salad & Cornbread Muffin Combo. A little bit of butter, sour cream, & bacon (very little bacon 😦
Snack n/a
Dinner – Philly Cheesesteak – No I had the Chicken Pizza with Mushrooms, ate half the bun because I wanted those PB/Choc Tastykakes!

Dessert – see above PB/Choc Tastykakes!

Day 13…I be the Queen :) bow before me….hee hee

ugggg…yesterdays dinner did not agree with me. I also had drinks, I mixed them, so NOT good, feel like I have a rock in my belly 😦 I have eaten so well for almost 2 weeks, my belly is not amused. I should have passed on dessert, or ate less, but I love chocolate.

Breakfast – Pear & lots of water
Snack – Jumba Juice – fruit and yellow veggie drink
Lunch – Tomato Soup, Fruit cup, Caprese Salad from Corner Bakery (hoping to settle my stomach, still unhappy with me) & lots of water

Day 8 …it’s a brand new week….

Well I lost almost 2lbs this week. That might not sound like a lot to some, but that is almost DOUBLE what I usually get. And all this without really exercising as I am still in the walking boot. With my PCOS, remember I have to work out twice as hard to lose half as much. So I am happy with this. (insert happy dance here!)

I figure I will use my blog as my food diary for 21 days, hopefully by that time the new lifestyle will have taken hold and it will be my new “normal”.

Breakfast – Asian Pear – Super Juicy
snack – n/a
Lunch – Bowl of homemade soup, 2 slices of homemade bread with PB and homemade Jelly. Yea, that is right Holly, who’s the homemaker now? This girl!
snack – Carrots and Hummus, and Chocolate Covered Banana Bites
dinner – Tofurky Chorizo ground crumbles (never ate chorizo before, it tasted like spicy meat to me) tacos. I had low carb tortilla that I split in 1/2 added lettuce leaf, avocado, tomatoes, cheese (yes some cheese to cut the spice). Pretty darn good.
dessert – Golden Spoon mini yogurt cup.

My Food Diary

I have resigned up at My Food Diary. I found that tracking my intact makes a HUGE difference on how well I stay on track.

I like the new changes they have made, much easier to use and I especially like the recipe builder.

You get a 7 day free trial so check it out…all u got 2 lose is some weight!

My Food Diary