Diet Patch

While I love the patch, and hate pills, the downside for me (aka attention span of a gnat) is remembering to put a new patch back on after I take the old one off.

I was trying to do it in the shower, but I keep forgetting after I am dried and dressed!  AAuugghhhh!!!!

However, when used correctly these things rock!  I am going to be getting my next set soon.

I would highly recommend them peoples!

Diet Patches

Well my Diet Patch order came.  They are small, white and easy to use/hide 🙂  I read the directions and it said they may take as long as 3 days to start taking effect.

I can say it did take the 3 days, but the result was gradual.  I realized on the 4th day I almost…I said AlMost, had to force myself to eat cause I just wasn’t that hungry.

It is hard to recognize because there isn’t that “jittery” feeling like when you are taking the diet pills and there is no problem falling asleep, Thank Goodness!!

The only downside I see so far is the little suckers hurt when you take ’em off, so I stated taking them off in the shower….you just have to remember to put on back on when you are dry.

So far I have lost 1lb, pretty good for the 1st week and not doing much else…..yea, I am going to get back into yoga….soon! ( I swear!:-)