7 freaking pounds…… that is what is left

to lose to reach my goal weight and get FREE weight watchers for life.  I have needed to lose those pounds for 2 months now.

The good thing?  Even going thru the Food Triangle (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years) of parties I have stayed the same weight, surprised?? I sure was, when I went in Xmas Eve and weighed in, same weight, no gain, now I will take this, the habits learned in WW are working.  But I gotta get rid of this last 7!!!!!!

Why or why is it so hard….hmmm….could be all the sweets, but I just tossed out all the goodies in the fridge and freezer, (I have no will power, so if it isn’t here, I can’t eat it :), and I am almost over my bronchitis so it will be back to exercising.

Speaking of exercising, as you all know I am “doing” Orange Theory, and in theory it should work, that being said, I am NOT super competitive and I don’t like to sweat, so when I went to my last workout and she said “just want to let you know you have 6 sessions left, but we are having a 20% xmas sale so you can get more”…..my INNER voice said “THANK FREAKING GOODNESS , only 6 more torture sessions left, if she thinks I am buying anymore she is CRAZY!”…..my outer voice said “Ok thanks for the info”.

I have worked my way through 19 out of 25 sessions, I could stop now, but you know me and money, no can do, I will get through this, even though 5 of those sessions where “free” so if I only did one more I would technically be done….but I just can’t, I can’t help myself….only thing I hate more then exercising and sweating is wasting money!!!!

Everyone knows what time it is right?

Back on the watching what I eat and exercise wagon!  I don’t say diet, cause they don’t work.  When I just take the time…that is the key…take the time…to do it right, the weight comes off.

So ….some of that is bullshit…..I am doing exercise – yoga – again because my back has started hurting again….when I do Yoga no pain, no Yoga…Pain.

You can find lots of youtube videos so I can do it at home for FREE…  so yea, I need go to the gym for cardio…but the Yoga is really what I needed right now 😉

So since I am going to exercise and yoga, might as well start watching what I eat as well…less weight to carry is always a good thing.

Get ready….its going to be a WiLd ride 🙂

Working on losing the weight (again :)

So got rid of all the junk (ok we ate it…so what!?) we haven’t replaced it, got the veggies and fruit.  Doing pretty good.

Cooked up some black beans, NO chili’s this time, so I can eat them without my mouth being on fIrE!

Trying to eat fruit for breakfast, eat piece of fruit or veggie while cooking lunch and dinners.  This increases my fruit and veggie intake and reduces the meal intake.

Used the black beans for a chili dish, how says it has to be kidney beans and meat??  I did black beans, celery, carrots and cubed steak, small steak, made 2 meals out of it.

I had some lobster ravioli from Costco, they were very seafoody, so I had bought a scallop and pea cream bag from Trader Joes and I mixed the two together, the sauce and veggies helped to cut the seafoodyness, but still kind of strong, ate that over quinoa and kale.  Sooo, I added some squash soup base to the mixture, that should take care of it.

Trying to eat most of my carbs in the Am and Lunch, most active time for me.

We will see, I need to get exercising, but…auggh, I hate to sweat!






T – 5lbs and counting…

So… I went back to the diet dr. and got back on the pills and the b-shot. I have tried lots of things and this is the one that works the best.

So after 2 weeks I lost 5lbs…ok, ok…4.8lbs…I rounded up…so shoot me! I am able to get my belt loop in one hole closer…yea I know, I was already half there before….it still sounds good!

Now besides the pills and shots, which not only curb my “snacking” but give me extra energy, I have been riding my bike at work on my AM break. Plus trying to get more active at home.

I hate to exercise, I am basically lazy, so I am trying to do things that I like that help to keep me active. IE the biking and taking the dogs for walks.

Also give up the Diet Coke for Iced Tea, it still has caffine but a lot less so no headaches and the jitters are reduced when you take other meds!

So I am hoping in a few months to be down a few sizes!

My Food Diary

I have resigned up at My Food Diary. I found that tracking my intact makes a HUGE difference on how well I stay on track.

I like the new changes they have made, much easier to use and I especially like the recipe builder.

You get a 7 day free trial so check it out…all u got 2 lose is some weight!

My Food Diary

I want this Doctor

Q: Doctor,  I’ve heard that  cardiovascular exercise can prolong life. Is this true? 
A: Your  heart is only good for so many  beats, and that’s it…  don’t waste them on exercise. Everything wears out  eventually.  Speeding up your heart will not make you live longer; that’s like saying you can extend  the life of your car by driving it faster.  Want to live longer?  Take a  nap.  

Q: Should  I cut  down on meat and  eat more fruits and  vegetables? 
A: You  must grasp  logistical efficiencies.  What does a cow eat?   Hay and corn.   And what are these?  Vegetables.  So a steak  is nothing more  than an efficient mechanism of  delivering vegetables to your  system.   Need grain?   Eat  chicken.   Beef is also a good source  of field grass  (green leafy vegetable).   And a pork chop can  give you  100% of your recommended daily allowance of  vegetable  products. 

Q: Should  I reduce my  alcohol intake?  
A:  No,  not at all.  Wine is made from  fruit..  Brandy is  distilled wine,  that means they take the water out of  the fruity bit so you  get even more of the goodness that  way.   Beer is also made out  of grain.  Bottoms   up! 

Q: How  can I calculate my body/fat   ratio? 
A: Well,  if you have a body and you have  fat, your ratio is one  to one.  If you have two bodies, your  ratio is two to  one, etc. 

Q: What  are some of  the advantages of participating in a regular  exercise  program? 
A: Can’t  think of a single one, sorry.  My  philosophy is: No  Pain…Good!

Q:  Aren’t  fried  foods bad for you?  
A:  YOU’RE  NOT  LISTENING!!! …..  Foods are fried these days in  vegetable oil.  In fact,  they’re permeated in it.  How could  getting more  vegetables be bad for  you?  

Q:  Will  sit-ups  help prevent me from getting a little soft  around  the middle? 
A: Definitely  not! When  you exercise a muscle, it gets bigger. You  should only be  doing sit-ups if you want a bigger   stomach.  

Q:  Is   chocolate bad for me?  
A:  Are   you crazy? HELLO   Cocoa  beans ! Another vegetable!!! It’s the best feel-good   food around! 

Q:  Is   swimming good for your figure?  
A:  If   swimming is good for  your figure,   explain whales to  me. 

Q:  Is getting   in-shape important for my   lifestyle?  
A:  Hey!  ‘Round’ is  a shape!  

Well,   I hope this has cleared up any misconceptions you may   have had about  food   and diets. 

And  remember: 
‘Life should  NOT  be a journey to the grave with the intention of  arriving  safely in an attractive and well preserved  body, but rather  to skid in sideways – Chardonnay in one  hand – chocolate in  the other – body thoroughly used up,  totally worn out and   screaming ‘WOO  HOO, What a  Ride’ 


For  those of you who watch what you eat, here’s the final  word on nutrition and health. It’s a relief to know the  truth after all those conflicting nutritional  studies.  

1. The Japanese eat  very little fat
and suffer  fewer heart attacks than  Americans.

2. The Mexicans  eat a lot of  fat
and suffer fewer heart attacks than  Americans. 

3. The Chinese  drink very little  red wine 
and  suffer fewer heart attacks than  Americans.

4. The  Italians drink a lot of red  wine
and suffer fewer heart attacks than  Americans.  

5. The Germans  drink a lot of beers and eat lots of  sausages and fats  and suffer fewer heart attacks than   Americans. 

Eat  and drink what you like. Being American is apparently what kills  you.