sigh………just walked block twice…

once with Cat in stroller and Mushu on leash, then once with old dogie in stroller and Mushu on leash.

I hope Mushu is now tired, she is driving me crazy!  Stupid cat wants her water “from facet”.

just another day and the dog and cat hotel!


Spoiled animals….

so while we were gone my son and his wife watched the animals….ha ha ha, hee ,  hee, hee

of course I send him a text asking how they are doing and here is his response “alive”, aauugghhh

then his wife sends me a text, “he is spoiling them” with a picture of them all covered up sleeping.

He is very unhappy he had to turn on the faucet to get the cat to drink 🙂

But everyone happy and healthy when we got home

My Rudder Butter….old man

Rudder is a jrt mix, who sheds like a golden, it is crazy, he is 13 1/2  yrs old, and still in pretty good shape, but he is too smart for his own good, I have pain pills for him, i wrap the in food and somehow he still spits them out!  I made him eggs today, crushed the pill, wrapped it in butter and he still managed not to eat some of the eggs with the pill in them…auugghhh!

Damn dog!

Mushu is an Arse…..

OMG she is so spoiled……she no longer sleeps in our room, she is out in the living room with Rudder….however, she can hear when the alarm goes off, and now I can’t go back to sleep, she keeps barking until I get up and come out.

She can also hear when I go “tinkle” so know, if it is early, I have to try and be quiet so she doesn’t hear me and start barking…what kind of life is this…stupid dog 🙂20160410_175941

If she wasn’t so cute, she’d be outta here….not really…

Fallin’ down on the blog :)

I usually try to blog every other day, but between my son going to Montana for college and trying to sell the house, it has been freaking crazy.  My routine is SO messed up.

We have had to take the dogs to my mom’s for the open houses, poor Rudder has ridden in a car more this month, then the last 13 years before.  Mushu is fine with it, Rudder doesn’t really enjoy it.

I have to lock the cat in the garage, yea, that goes over well, NOT!

I have half my life in the garage, because it is too much of a hassle to take it in and out every time someone wants to see the house, on the flip side, my house has never been SO clean for So many days in a row 🙂

So, if I miss a few days, I apologize, but it is cray cray here lately!

And I still miss my smart arse boy!  If course his brother and dad have upped there arseholiness to make up for his absence…aaauugghhh

Auugghh, unconditional love

it has been a crazy day, picking up hair balls (YUCKY) , feeding dogs, (seperately) ’cause the puppy is a pig.  Mopping up messes….aauuggh, both dogs guilty, bathing the cat, she Is PisSeD off right now, but she had poop and/or clumping litter attached to her backside… I know she feel better, Stupid Ass Cat!

Yet, here she is all purry cause she wants and snack, and her is the puppy all sleepy in my lap and  Rudder on the side by my chair, and I realize, yes….it is all Worth it!

Food diary kind of …

Instead of doing a daily food diary, which probably bores everyone (including me) plus I am always forgetting to enter my stuff in, I will just keep track along with my exercise and kitchen mash-ups….. so here goes

We went walking again at the other side of the trail, now I wasn’t planning on walking BuT….I slept ate a Cherry Pop tart….so I figured, probably gotta work that thang off 🙂

Now this side of the trail is not as nice, more just a road and fence, HoWeVer, we were able to climb down in a spot to two, so we could get to the creek bed, this damn dog likes water…


So there she is enjoying herself, after digging in the sand and getting in the water and generally being a menace as usual.

Hopefully this is the last time I sleep eat crap that makes me HaVe to exercise later that day…gah!