Day 3….OMG…WTF

So we are are leaving tomorrow, so we want to get some more sightseeing done, we did most of it yesterday, but want to check out the beach area and to look around our hotel area and get gifts.

We get up, eat breakfast (included & free WiFi) and go out, to the beach area, very nice, and this seems to be the place for backpackers, lots of Hostels…




we come back to change and get an email that they have…wait for it…CANCELLED the rest of our flights.

This goes back to the double charging Avianca does.  I had noticed before we left that had charged us TWICE, so I called my Credit Card and they tried to cancel it as a duplicate payment, but it was done the next day and had different info on it so we had to do a FRAUD report, get our credit cards cancelled and reordered.  We were worried, but since we had done it a few weeks ago, and had no problem with the first flights, we thought we were ok.

So, here is where my total control freakiness comes in handy.  Before we leave (for ALL our trips I do this) I have a Folder filled with copies of EVERYTHING we need, hotel info, flight info, ect.  Also I had a copy of the statement that showed we were double billed for the tickets.

So instead of sightseeing, we called their customer service, which was a complete fiasco, so we found an Avianca office in the mall, it took us 2 1/2 hours but we got our tickets reinstated because I had the COPY of the statement and it was Obvious, but it was an anxious 2 1/2 hours, the girl that helped us was great, she spoke decent english but this was a crazy time for her to.

She wanted us to email here the statement, but we were at the mall, so we had to go to Starbucks (yes they are EvEryWhere!) and buy something so we could use their WIFI to send the info to her, so she could forward to her boss somewhere!

In retrospect we maybe should have waited to do the fraud alert, but we had bought the tickets a month in advance and if we waited until we got home, it would have been almost 60 days and I didn’t want to take the chance of a time limit issue, because it was a LOT of money.

After that we went and out to eat and our meals came with free drinks and I drank everyone’s pisco sour!  Then we grabbed a few last minute gifts and back to the hotel.

And still not a single freaking Llama or Alpaca, WTF people, you see them all the time in the commercials.

Then it was back to the hotel to pack and get ready for the real fun to begin…