International Travel – packing

I think a lot of how you pack depends on where you live and where you are going. Case in point, we live in CA, hot yes, Humid, no.

We went to Madrid(hot), Marrakesh (hella hot), & Barcelona (Humid AWFUL). It might have been cooler but the humidity was bad!

Now if you are from some of the states that are humid you would probably be ok with this weather, but you could tell those of us who weren’t (americans, europeans) we were all red and sweaty.

But I learned my lesson from Barcelona and was prepared (sort of) for Thailand.

First off, unless you come from a humid city, you ain’t wearing makeup, it just runs off, and you aren’t doing your hair because it will be up in a ponytail the whole time. So on this trip, even though it won’t be humid, it will be hot, very little make, no travel case for me. Will save space and weight, very important with the stupid luggage restrictions.

Second, unless you are backpacking the countryside, I suggest no jeans or if you must 1 pair, they are hot, heavy and hard to wash and dry. If you can either get blended socks or bring enough you can toss the old ones, as they are too hard to wash and they never dry.

I recommend highly light weight and preferably moisture wicking and quick drying shorts, pants and shirts. I found that this items can be expensive, but you know me, I found “Sierra Trading Post” they have very good prices but FIRST join their club so you get 30% off your first purchase of $95.00. Then you get thank you card for %25 of your next purchase of $75.00. I stayed right at my $95 first to make sure I would like the items and they would fit. They are better then expected. Oh and if you have signed up at Ebates like I suggested you will get money back…..BOOYAH.

You will want to pack light and wash your clothes while you are there, if you get the light weight items the wash and dry quickly. Plus they are much lighter and leave room for items you pick up on your trip.

Don’t take more then 2 pairs of shoes, walking shoes and sandals that can do double duty when going out at night.

Trust me, after many trips and bring home items that were never worn but lugged around with us, I know what I am talking about. I think I may have gotten down pat this time.

Sun Power even when it is cold

There are ways of taking advantage of the sun to dry your clothes even when it is cold. As long as it is sunny outside even if it is cold the clothes will dry on the line, it just might take a little longer then in the summer.

Also, a lot of people have sun rooms, these rooms are warm even in winter, put your line up in there, or sometimes the garage if it is warmer then outside.

Your clothes should never being dripping water, so there shouldn’t be a problem, if you clothes are still really wet when the wash is done, put them on a spin cycle once to get rid of the extra water. You should do this even if you don’t line dry, it will save time in the regular dryer also.

That is why I have a portable line, I can move it to the best spot for the job depending on the weather conditions.

Various Uses for the Sun

Yes, the Sun is a most wonderful thing.

You can use it for growing crops. I also use it for drying clothes. But I also use it for nasty bathroom smells.

How you ask? Well you hear all the time about using UV to sanitize right, well you know the Sun emits UV right?

So if you have an electric toothbrush that is getting that not so fresh smell, and you have rinsed and cleaned all you could see and it still is there, take it outside during a sunny day and let the Sun do its job. I will completely dry it out, any unseen things will become crumbly, you can wash and sit back out to dry again.

Your toothbrush and holder will be clean and dry and fresh smelling.

You can also use the Sun for Solar Energy, keeping your house warm, charging phone batteries. It has many uses. As I remember for I will add them.

Your Ideas are welcomed and encouraged!