3…..2…..1…. NONE

OMG, I have 3 Freaking Orange Theory Sessions left……aaauuuggghhhh…..if I wasn’t so cheap I would say “screw it” but , I  am 🙂

They keep letting me know I am almost out and they have “deals”, yeah, no thanks, nah, not gonna happen again, ever!

I am using these last ones when I know I go off the deep end, and eat more then I should.  I know it, I still do it, it is a lifestyle, not a diet, shit happens, then you eat chocolate!

I will be so Happy when I am down to ZERO!

and my husband still has TEN sessions,  who is the slacker now huh???!!!

7 freaking pounds…… that is what is left

to lose to reach my goal weight and get FREE weight watchers for life.  I have needed to lose those pounds for 2 months now.

The good thing?  Even going thru the Food Triangle (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years) of parties I have stayed the same weight, surprised?? I sure was, when I went in Xmas Eve and weighed in, same weight, no gain, now I will take this, the habits learned in WW are working.  But I gotta get rid of this last 7!!!!!!

Why or why is it so hard….hmmm….could be all the sweets, but I just tossed out all the goodies in the fridge and freezer, (I have no will power, so if it isn’t here, I can’t eat it :), and I am almost over my bronchitis so it will be back to exercising.

Speaking of exercising, as you all know I am “doing” Orange Theory, and in theory it should work, that being said, I am NOT super competitive and I don’t like to sweat, so when I went to my last workout and she said “just want to let you know you have 6 sessions left, but we are having a 20% xmas sale so you can get more”…..my INNER voice said “THANK FREAKING GOODNESS , only 6 more torture sessions left, if she thinks I am buying anymore she is CRAZY!”…..my outer voice said “Ok thanks for the info”.

I have worked my way through 19 out of 25 sessions, I could stop now, but you know me and money, no can do, I will get through this, even though 5 of those sessions where “free” so if I only did one more I would technically be done….but I just can’t, I can’t help myself….only thing I hate more then exercising and sweating is wasting money!!!!

Everyone knows what time it is right?

Back on the watching what I eat and exercise wagon!  I don’t say diet, cause they don’t work.  When I just take the time…that is the key…take the time…to do it right, the weight comes off.

So ….some of that is bullshit…..I am doing exercise – yoga – again because my back has started hurting again….when I do Yoga no pain, no Yoga…Pain.

You can find lots of youtube videos so I can do it at home for FREE…  so yea, I need go to the gym for cardio…but the Yoga is really what I needed right now 😉

So since I am going to exercise and yoga, might as well start watching what I eat as well…less weight to carry is always a good thing.

Get ready….its going to be a WiLd ride 🙂

I forgot, did I tell you how much


This gym thing sucks.  That being said, I have added about 5 minutes to every piece of equipment, so I am getting better at it.  But I still don’t like it.

Freaking exercise, this shit will never be my Hobby!  I am sweating in places no one should EvEr sweat, EVER!!!

And StInKy, WTF, if I didn’t hate taking pills so much I would say stuff it, and also Daytime TV is Awful!  There is nothing but crapola on, yea….having a bad day….freakin….exercise….

Food diary kind of …

Instead of doing a daily food diary, which probably bores everyone (including me) plus I am always forgetting to enter my stuff in, I will just keep track along with my exercise and kitchen mash-ups….. so here goes

We went walking again at the other side of the trail, now I wasn’t planning on walking BuT….I slept ate a Cherry Pop tart….so I figured, probably gotta work that thang off 🙂

Now this side of the trail is not as nice, more just a road and fence, HoWeVer, we were able to climb down in a spot to two, so we could get to the creek bed, this damn dog likes water…


So there she is enjoying herself, after digging in the sand and getting in the water and generally being a menace as usual.

Hopefully this is the last time I sleep eat crap that makes me HaVe to exercise later that day…gah!

getting ready for next year vacation…

yes, Vacation is a great motivator to get in shape.  Since it will be a big one, involving walking and climbing, lots of it.  Gotta work on getting back in shape.  I was in shape for the one in 2014, but slack-a-lacking since then 🙂

We went to Petra for my Husband’s 50th, not sure exactly where I will be for my 50th, most likely Machu Pichu, maybe Angkor Wat, for Bali, that is the 3 locations so far, have to see what weather and stop overs are.

But no matter which one, gotta get in shape for it.  I would love to be Riding an Elephant holding an Orangutan on my bday.  Not sure they can both happen at the same time, but I can wish!

Soooo, trying to right the ship here

and get back to eating healthy and exercising.  I have made a deal with myself (I think a lot of us do it)  I will either ride my bike to yoga, or take the harder yoga class.

Yesterday I took the harder yoga class, not quite a pretzel class, more like leading up to becoming a pretzel.  But if you read the last few posts, I really need to up my game if I am going to keep falling off the wagon 🙂

Today I figured I ran the vacuum (what a freaking weirdly spelled word, look at it, it doesn’t seem right, I had to google to make sure it was correct) got some exercise, I had my under 200 cal dumplings, (I am so bummed, they didn’t have them at costco last time we went).

So I am off to try and keep on the good food and exercise wagon…..

trying to juggle it all….

so while I am trying to lose weight, I am remaining true to the au naturale way, and I think that is why I haven’t ballooned…gained yes, ballooned no, but they I am also trying to stay as vegetarian as possible, while keeping carbs low and not wasting food.

Goal 1 (low cal), Goal 2 (Vegetarian, good carbs), Goal 3 (no artificial crap) Goal 4 (no waste of food), or yea plus one more Goal 5 Exercise… (yoga, bike ride)….it can be down, it is worth it, it just ain’t east , one more goal comes my way and it may all fall DOWN 🙂

While I am keeping a diary as I go, it may

show up later, as I don’t always remember to post it the same day.  But I will post it, this is a way of looking back at what I did and why and making any adjustments needed.  Also a great way to keep on track and I tend to get a lot of great comments and links to other people doing Vegetarian, Low Carb, ect…and I want to say THANK YOU in advance to all of you.

I really appreicate it, the web is overwhelming, so much info…so little time 🙂