Mom is Pretty In Pink & Blue


Butterflies and Flowers, Love Ya Mom! Etsy


Compare all your deals.

I went to a flower site and it had a Buy one Get one Free Deal… the items I put in my cart added up to $47.

I then went to my shopping site that gives you coupons and money back – so the 1st option was just 20% back sound good, except when I went to my cart the price was now $60, no more buy one get one free, the rebate would be $12, cost after all smoke $48

But here is the really crazy part, I picked the 15% coupon with 20% back option and the price went UP to $63 WITH the 15%??? and the rebate of $12.60 cost is $50????

So I always check what I want before the deal shopping sites with what it ends up being after, sometimes it is a good deal, sometime, Not so much…like this time.

Is it A Flower or Jello – It’s Both !

OMG …. my husband thinks I am crazy but wait till you see it…this bakery makes Jello with Flowers inside. Jelloey flowers that can be eaten. I will say it looks better then it tastes, but I ate it reluctanty cause it is soo cool looking!

Here are some pics of it inside the container

Out of the container

Then I cut it in half to see what it looks like inside before I ate it!

Pretty Damn Cool!