So much fruit/so little time KMU (kitchen mash-up)

So what think you of my KMU??

So any whodles….we buy fruit, I also get fruit from my friend and sometimes from neighbors.  And you all know how I HATE wasting food!

So I had grapefruit from my friends moms tree, plus some fruit going soft, peach, pear, nectarine.  Hmmm, first I cut them all up for a fruit salad, hmmm, NOPE, the flavors did not play well together!

So, shit! What now…..ok, I just put a pan on the stove, added the fruit, then added a banana (remember, use natures thickner, NOT pectin, as it will just sugar it all up!) and mashed it all together, then since it was on tropical side, I added ginger, cinnamon, Vanilla and Lemon extract, and BOOM, yummy jam, that is….0 ZERO WW points also.

Nice win, no sugar, no wasted fruit, low cost and healthy jam!  Try it on a waffle with a small amount of your favorite ice cream, low pt , healthy dessert.  Your welcome 🙂







Kitchen Mashup – swapping ingrediants

and saving time and reducing food waste.  Yea, that is my freaking super bowl!

So, since I am trying to avoid meat and eat my carbs in the morning.  I have found French Toast to be pretty good…however, I find myself without milk quite often as we don’t drink a lot of it any more.

So what do you do when you are out of milk?  Well for me I found some plain yogurt and figured WTH?  I put a couple spoonfulls in with 4 eggs and whipped it up, I added vanilla and cinnamon and walah,  it works great.

I also tend to make a current batch and depending on how much the bread soaks up 1 or 2 extra servings.  I freeze them and they are ready for a quick zap in the mirco.

Since I had cut up some fruit for my husbands lunch, which he didn’t take that week, I have been using it up with my french toast.  I cut them up , drizzle some maple syrup, and add the fruit and then toss it all together.

Works great and keeps me from throwing the fruit out, and I don’t have to add anything to the fruit.

Dessert Bullet – hits the bullseye :)

I love this thing. It is sooo freaking easy to clean, makes a huge difference in how much you want to use something. Today since it is sooo HOT in CA, I pulled out my tropical frozen fruit mix, plus I added a package of Choc covered Frozen bananas, plus a little cinnamon, and OLEY, nice cool creamy bowl of fresh fruit, yea, that’s me, a fruitiarian 🙂

Plus this machine makes look like a genius for freezing all that fruit that would have gone bad and in the trash, now I can make it in to dessert. Looks like another win/win! I would do the happy dance here but it is to hot and I don;t want to sweat.

Au Naturale Peanut Butter – actually this isn’t anything new

I remember when I was a kid, I would go to my dad’s and he would have the Laura Scudder’s PB that you had to stir. This came back to me while I was in the PB isle the other day because I was out of PB. I was surprised to see that some brands were touting they were 90% peanuts. Ummmm, shouldn’t you want to be say..oh I don’t know… ALL peanuts or at least 98%. At 90% there is 10% other stuff, like sugar, palm oil, emulsefiers, ect.

So I looked around and all the natural PB seperates, I can deal with that, and it needs to be keep in the fridge.

So I wanted some PB so I took it out of the fridge first, then got the rest of my stuff ready, and then mixed it up and guess what, it tastes ok. Now it isn’t like the PB I am used to because usually it is a “spread” because of that 10% “other” Ingredients. That makes is creamier and sweeter. But I but on my jam and it was fine.

If you are going to move to natural PB I suggest making sure you add jelly or banana’s ect to it so your kids can adjust. I am going to try moving a small amount in another jar and adding my raw honey and see if that sweetens it up with out adding artificial stuff to it.

But I think keeping it in the fridge and stirring it is a low cost to pay for having 100% peanuts. And to top it off it costs the SAME.

Day 11……. almost like heaven, been having a good day, plus it rhymes

So 1/2 to my 21 day mark 🙂 I am feeling good and finding it fairly easy to stick to the new way of life. It is a lot easier now then say 5 or 10 years ago, much more mainstream then “hippy”. Again it is easier to find organic and veggie then non-gmo and additive free, but that is getting easier to thanks to Whole Foods.

I am making bread again, added some Butter (yep homemade) and Honey (nope, bee made) to the batch, hope it tastes good. I eat a spoonful of honey a day to keep the illness away, since I started haven’t been sick, go figure.

HA, HA, HAAAA …. my bread tastes like the stuff you get in the store, only better, not super sweet and no artificial shinola. Woop Woop, now excuse me why I go toast some of my bread and spread it with my homemade butter and jelly.

If it is not raw all the good stuff has been cooked away.


Breakfast – Strawberries, Raspberries, Soy Yogurt (other 1/2 from yesterday), granola.
snack – n/a
lunch – Faux chicken sliders again, they are good, but not a lot, so I think lunch is better for them. Had them with some chips I brought back from Corner bakery….what, they were free and no one else is going to eat them.
snack – 1/2 a Costco Pumpkin Spice muffin, why? because I found it in the freezer and ding, it is vegetarian. It is great not worrying about every little calorie or carb, because this is a life style and not a diet.

dinner- Went to the Greek Food Place – had 5 shrimp, Greek Salad, Greek Beans, gave the Pita bread to my husband, since I had a bunch of bread earlier.

dessert – n/a

Day 3 of the new Me…

I have come to the conclusion, you have to think of all the choices you get, not focus on the stuff you shouldn’t (not can’t because, we know you can and will if you want to 🙂 when you decide to eat better.

This leads you to new and exotic things you may not have tried before. I can have all the fruit I want, but I am going to get tired of the same ole fruits, so now I have a huge selection of fruits I never got around to trying before. Who knows what new favorites I will find 🙂 The same with veggies, there are lots out there so here goes the taste bud revolution 😉

Breakfast – Strawberries, raspberries and NEW Sumo Tangerine ( it looks funny, but is easy to peel and tastes good!) with some Soy Mango Yogurt, again, this doesn’t taste like regular yogurt, (It tastes ok, more like kinds of thin mango pudding, then yogurt), with some granola mixed in.

Lunch- Toasted PB&J sandwich, dried snap peas (better then you would expect), I started eating there a while ago, they are yummy, and some more of the Sumo Tangerine.

snack – Sumo Tangerine – this thing is HUGE

Dinner – Woo Hoo went to Veggie Grill and got the Chiken Platter. This is good stuff. Now this really does taste like Fried chicken. Again, I have gone here before I started this new phase. It is the Chicken, Mash Potates (made with potatoes and cauliflower) with mushroom gravy and a Kale Salad. It be good.

Desert – Frozen Banana, raspberrie and blackberries & PB & Honey blended then strained (hate those seeds) for a shake.

I can have my PB & J and eat it too ;)

So as a lot of you know I have PCOS, which means I get to work twice as hard to lose half the weight, woo hoo for me. So for me low carbs is a life style not a diet.

When I diet, I drop them even further, which is HARD. So I am jonesin for a PB&J sandwich. I pull out the low carb pitas, which by the way are great!! I can make them a pita, a flatbread, or regular bread depending on how I cook them or not.

I spread some whipped PJ and think, damn, I really want some jelly, but it is a no-no, then I think, heck I will skip the middle man, berries are the best lowest carb fruit, why screw with them, I just got some out of the fridge and added them my sandwich, and walah…my PB&J which I am now going to eat!

Takes good, low cal, low carb, low cost, no artificial additives…what is there not to love?

Kitchen Mash ups

hmmm…. chicken from a few nights ago, apple pretty much ripe = chicken salad with miracle whip and apples and raisens.

Hmmm….. 1 small can pinapple juice, 1 mango pealed and unfortunately mangled 🙂 1 slightly overripe banana, 1 huge container of non-flavored fat free yogurt, I bought for a receipe I can no longer remember or find 😦 = Smoothie

I blend up the mango and the banana with some of the pineapple juice, threw in some of the yogurt and crushed ice and wala, cost a lot less then $4!! No artificial ingrediants and good for me. Yes I know my spelling es no bueno!

What to do with the fruit when it “too ripe”

Sometimes we buy fruit and then by the end of the week, find while it is still “good” it won’t be for much longer.

Soooo, if you drink tea, make yourself a big batch and cut up that fruit and throw it in. This way you won’t need sugar.

Or, blend them up and put them in cupcakes or muffins (bananas work best here)

Or even freeze them to be used in homemade smoothies.

One of the silver-linings of the budget I found that it is a challenge so it keeps your mind active, but often times helps trim you weight…now that is a side-effect I can live with.

Making homemade tea, muffins, smoothies is not only cheaper, an activity you can do with your kids, but also better for you as there is nothing artificial going in there.