So we went to Egypt and Greece for about

11 days, it was awesome, it was HOT!  Also, very, very Safe in Egypt and the people are super friendly.  I highly recommend Memphis Tours, they were AWESOME and very reasonable price, I would suggest NOT going in July, we only did it because my husband wanted to be somewhere cool on his 55th birthday, yeah, “cool” it was not, 105 to 110 while we where there.  But at least the crowds were low!

Also, I don’t recommend Greece after Egypt, because as cool as Athens was, it really wasn’t as impressive after seeing Egypt 🙂

But the best thing, when we got home, the kids had cleaned and organized the garage and redid the cupboards!

It is great, really organized, I have only had to make a few adjustments back.

I really need to leave every 3 months or so, if I can come back to this all the time!

OMG WTF – there is a lot of stuff

in this house, 15 years, during prime school years, my house looks like a bomb hit it, and I am only working on the stuff in the garage right now….how does this happen?!?!

I am going to be going to goodwill quite a bit, best time to start clearing out stuff we never use.  Some much stuff, so many boxes, so little time!

And the cat is PISSED, I have moved all her sleeping places in the garage, she is so NOT a happy cat!


so we got the notice that our electric would be out and we couldn’t park on the street.

So my Fiat E is in the garage, my son parked in my husbands spot and I parked the Bug I haven’t turned in yet next to it.

Hubby parked on the street because he would be gone by the time they started to work on the street.

So my son goes to leave but comes back in because an Truck is blocking his car in the drive (we have an electric box thingy by our driveway) so he takes my Bug.  I told him that is fine I will just drive my Fiat.  But when I go to leave, the electricity is still off and I CAN’T get my Electric Garage Door Open to drive my electric car!!!!

Come on already, and to add insult to injury the electric was supposed to be off from 8 to 3pm, it didn’t come back on it 8PM.

My adventures with an Electric Car….

There are some adjustments that need to made for an electric car, plugging it in is one.   We have NEVER used our garage for a car, NEVER.  So first thing I we needed to get the garage door fixed (it didn’t work, but we hardly ever used it, so it was no big deal 😉

Second we had to make room for the electric car, this meant getting rid of some stuff and since I have been wanting to “downsize” this was a perfect op to take some things to good will.

What we found out is the cat HATES the garage door when it opens and freaks out, so we need to bring her in before we open the door, this is the most annoying thing so far….damn cat!