Fruit and Veggie exchange…

I have started a fruit and veggie exchange in our neighborhood.  I was walking the dog and also when we drive, I see all sorts of fruit trees, so I went on Nextdoor (kind of like a facebook for neighborhoods) and did a shout out.

Now I am trading, mint (with is a monster, tries to take over my whole garden), basil, tomatoes, for squash, lemons, garlic and apples.

We are adding more people for more variety.  You should try it in your neighborhood.

Great way to meet new people too!

OMG…WTF…..half eaten peaches….

so I was in my garden area, and I have a table that I have two grow boxes on, I look underneath and there is a “nest” it is filled with 1/2 eaten peaches.

Now there is a peach tree in the NEIGHBORS yard, but the peaches do NOT fall in my yard.

Something is getting the peaches, bringing them into our yard and eating them.  But why only 1/2 get eaten?  Also, I think the little shit is the one eating my tomatoes!!!




Another tomato bites the dust….

aka, some stupid bug ate it, the WHOLE thing, sheesh!

So I took the rest of them that were close to done and brought them in, so they turn red in my kitchen in safety.

I have some stuff coming up in my boxes, and , ahem…. ok….I am not really sure what it will be since I have the patience of a 6 yr old….ok…fine…3 year old!

When stuff doesn’t come up I add more, then all of a sudden stuff starts coming up but I have no idea what, shit, last time I thought I had spinach and it was small potatoes…

It is my mystery garden, seriously, most of the stuff coming up is a complete mystery!



HA! Damn bugs!!!

So I have been going out every AM and spraying my tomatoes with my home made but spray, found it on internet somewhere, small spray bottle, add some mouthwash and dish soap to water and spray.  Works well mostly.

So I finally brought in my tomatoes and 3 turned red finally, one still green, and one had a bite taken out of it, #$%^@#$!!!

However, I cut that area out, inspected it thoroughly, then ate it!  It was GOOD.  Stupid bugs!

I also got some greenbeans, and my sunflowers are starting to grow.  Not sure what some of the other things are that are growing, it is my mystery garden!

Either all at once or none at all!!

It has been smokin’ hot out here lately, and I have like 10 green tomatoes, all on the vine, so I look the other day and FINALLY they are starting to turn red, ALL of them, so that means I am going to have a shitload of tomatoes soon.

My zucchini are having issues, they get about 1/2 and then the ends start to turn yellow, ugh….I am hoping the newest will make it thru.

I am not sure if my winter melon is done or not, it doesn’t look like is has been growing, I will wait a little longer to see what happens.

I guess I will be making some more tomato soup shortly!

hmmm, secret gardening tips :)

so as you probably guessed from my last post, it is a TAD hot right now, 2nd week of 90 and above weather.

So I have been watering my plants more, but I have started putting ice on the ground next to them.  Not on the plants themselves, just around the roots and the leaves, I am hoping as the ice slowly melts it is at least keeping the plants slightly cooler then the air around them.  It seems to be working.

I had 5 squash growing, it looks like 2 are still going good, and my one round squash is still growing, but none of my tomatoes are going red, so I pulled one off and brought it inside to see if that will help.


My garden be growin’

woo hoo,  I have been getting tomatoes pretty good off of my plant, but now I got a complete zucchini.  I pulled off the corn cob, but it was 1/2 way full of kernals,….yea I think I was impatient.

My other squashy type thing plant is really growing, but haven’t seen any veggies yet.

And hopefully the corn will be done soon.  I have found a few bugs, but not nearly as many when they were closer to ground.  StUpiD worms, are FuGly!

All natural, no pesticides or any of that crap, surprising how much flavor home grown veggies have.

We did see a home that had a hydroponics system with plants and fish and stuff, but of course my husband didn’t like that home…blthhh

Working on my Garden…correctly this time….

I went to Burpbe and found a bunch of fruits and veggies that have been hybrid, not GMO in a lab to be smaller and perfect for small yards and apartments.

I planted some carrots that only get 2-4 inches long, perfect for my containers!  I am going to be planting…wait for it…CORN…yes , and small melons, I am so bummed, I blew it on the pumpkins, they take 100 days to be done….100 days….aauugghhhh.

Later I have lettuce, and squash also to plant.  It will be a wonderful garden.  Stuff that I can actually eat, I was growing the greenbeens, but I don’t eat them, so I was giving them away, along with the basil, but that was also grown to keep bugs away.

I have also started writing down WHAT kind of seed or planting I stick where and the date, plus how long it says they take to be done.

So hopefully soon no more “mystery” plants 🙂