Birthdays for Adult children can be…

difficult.  Unless they ask for something specific what are you going to get them?

I was talking to my son, who is turning 27, so has been off our INS for a while, about getting his Dental Checkup.  He said, “my birthday is coming up, why don’t you do that for me?”.

So I did!  They have a deal for 1st time clients at our dental office, so that is what he is getting.  Something he needs and wants, have to think outside the box when they get older!

Of course his standard answer when I ask him what he wants is usually ” you can get me a new car and a new house”  my answer is always ” yea, I will add that to the list of things to get when we win the lottery!”

Ahhhh, family!

Compare all your deals.

I went to a flower site and it had a Buy one Get one Free Deal… the items I put in my cart added up to $47.

I then went to my shopping site that gives you coupons and money back – so the 1st option was just 20% back sound good, except when I went to my cart the price was now $60, no more buy one get one free, the rebate would be $12, cost after all smoke $48

But here is the really crazy part, I picked the 15% coupon with 20% back option and the price went UP to $63 WITH the 15%??? and the rebate of $12.60 cost is $50????

So I always check what I want before the deal shopping sites with what it ends up being after, sometimes it is a good deal, sometime, Not so much…like this time.