Jackfruit….my new fave…

so I went and bought a bigger slice of the fruit, takes a while to get all the goodness out.  But then I found a can of crushed pineapple in the cupboard, so I made Jackfruit and Pineapple muffins and jelly butter.

I call it jelly butter because the pineapple and jackfruit are kind of chuncky and chewy so i blended about 75% of it and then mixed it up, it is sooo good on waffles!

Since nothing but fruit, water, banana (to thicken), and vanilla it is a 0 point food on weight watchers, and it freezes well.

So much fruit/so little time KMU (kitchen mash-up)

So what think you of my KMU??

So any whodles….we buy fruit, I also get fruit from my friend and sometimes from neighbors.  And you all know how I HATE wasting food!

So I had grapefruit from my friends moms tree, plus some fruit going soft, peach, pear, nectarine.  Hmmm, first I cut them all up for a fruit salad, hmmm, NOPE, the flavors did not play well together!

So, shit! What now…..ok, I just put a pan on the stove, added the fruit, then added a banana (remember, use natures thickner, NOT pectin, as it will just sugar it all up!) and mashed it all together, then since it was on tropical side, I added ginger, cinnamon, Vanilla and Lemon extract, and BOOM, yummy jam, that is….0 ZERO WW points also.

Nice win, no sugar, no wasted fruit, low cost and healthy jam!  Try it on a waffle with a small amount of your favorite ice cream, low pt , healthy dessert.  Your welcome 🙂







when life gives you to many ripening raspberries, you end up with sauce

I thought would actually be jelly or jam, but noooo, to many damn seeds and by the time you press it thru a sieve you end up with sauce.

So I used my homemade low carb, all natural bread to make french toast (had to use up some egg whites) and use the raspberry sauce as a topping, pretty darn good 🙂

I made Blackberry Jam…I think ;)

As you know I am trying to cut all artificial ingrediants, fills, perservatives. What good is organic if it is filled with all that stuff!!

So I did a search and found out that Apples can be used for pectin, as they have pectin and back in the day you couldn’t “buy” pectin.

I had an apple from Panera Bread, I watch my carbs so instead of getting bread or chips I get the apple and take it home.

I had some butter pats from the last time we went out to breakfast. (yes I take them home with me)

And some blackberries that were going to go bad before I could eat them all.

I recently saw on a show where they were making jam also using butter, apples and the fruit so I figured “I can do that” and I did.

I threw in some flax seed while I was at it to add some fiber. It is sweet and tasty. Didn’t make much though.


Also not sure if I was supposed to peal the apple or not, but it all tastes good so that is what matters 🙂