We said “good bye” to our JRT mix

We had Rudder for 16 yrs.  We got him because our boys were getting older and we wanted someone for Dempsey our Boxer, plus Vance wanted a dog, of course he wanted a big dog like a Husky, we said no, to much shedding, they went to a breeder, supposedly he wouldn’t shed. HA!  He shed more then my mom’s goldens!!  And not only that, it was sharp fur and would stick in you!  But he was a wonderful dog, when Dempsey died 2 years later, we got Iggy, a Pug, those two were together for 10 years.

They would go in the same cage at the groomers and boarders, they didn’t like to be separated.  When Iggy died 10 years later, we got Mushu, (sorry Rudder), he seemed lonely and sad, but Mushu is … well…cray cray!  But they made it thru.

Rudder was mostly healthy, but just recently, his health started to fail, and over the Memorial Day Holiday, we had to let him go, he is now running in great health and playing with his Mama Dempsey, and his Bestie Iggy.

All of my furries are greatly missed as there is never a more pure/true/loyal love then that of your dog.


sigh………just walked block twice…

once with Cat in stroller and Mushu on leash, then once with old dogie in stroller and Mushu on leash.

I hope Mushu is now tired, she is driving me crazy!  Stupid cat wants her water “from facet”.

just another day and the dog and cat hotel!

These dogs are like kids…

I swear, it is so funny, first off the puppy , Mushu, is about 1 now, but still crazy and bigger then poor ‘ole Rudder.

So I fed Rudder the other day and he only ate 1/2 his food.  It sat there about 1/2 the day, then when he saw Mushu show interest in it, he went over and basically forced himself to eat the rest, he may not of wanted it, but he sure wasn’t gonna let her eat it!

Him and the cat were happy, while we had the house painted I took Mushu to my mom’s because she is a runner, and I didn’t want her getting out, or getting on the walls while they were painting.  So it was a Mushu free zone for about 4 days.

Of course my mom is like “she was perfect, no accidents, no barking”….I think she is fibbing, some comes home, and pees in the kitchen!  Just like a kid, good a grandma’s then reverts when they get back home.

Hello to all of my visitors from other countries….I am sure you have your own version of Thanksgiving

I would love to hear about the.  Ours seems to have gone the way to commercialism from a once deep rooted Thankfulness for what this country means to us and to all those that have died to keep it the glorious country it is.  We may bash it, trash it, but in the end it is our country and it makes us proud (most of the time, kind of like our families :).

So please give a shout out to your country and what you are thankful for.

Thanks for stopping by.


I am thankful I found out early about the Iggy’s diabetes before it got out of hand (the Pug) although I am not to sure what his pillow aka Rudder thinks about all of it 🙂