Kitchen Mashup fruits and veggies

So I have carrots that are going to go bad if I don’t use them, corn from the bbq from a few days ago, bananas I froze before they went bad, raisins in the cupboard, some spaghetti sauce in a bottle, tomatoes from my plant , YEP, cherry tomatoes baby! and pineapple coconut water my husband still hasn’t drank, because ewwww, I won’t drink it! And some plain cooked spaghetti, and dried tomato basil pouch barely used.

Sooo, I cut up the carrots, PEEL ON people, in the coconut pineapple water so they will be on the sweet side.

I then look up on the internet what to do with left over cooked carrots and it says to make a puree.  But just carrot puree doesn’t really sound good, soooo…..after the carrots are cooked I put them in a pan, and add some slice up frozen banana (this is why you never throw stuff out, just freeze it until you figure out what to do with it :), and add it to the pan, let that cook for a while, mash them up and add a small amount of brown sugar, pat of butter (yes A Pat, I brought it home from dinner out somewhere :), and cook it some more.  I then blend it up, put it back in than to thicken and add the small amount of raisins from the cupboard into it.  It is damn yummy people, like a carrot cake !  Sometimes I even amaze me 🙂

Then I take the spaghetti sauce, throw it in a pan, I throw in my cherry tomatoes, I cut the corn off the cob and add that to the pan, then I throw in the spaghetti, then I add some of the dried tomato pesto, and BOOM, nice bowl of veggie pasta baby!

Yea, stupid dog woke me up early, so I figured I should clean out the fridge and  you know how I hate to waste food.


Sometimes I surprise myself

so, the house isn’t all together yet, finally found the box of glasses to drink out of :), and I really haven’t cooked yet…until today.

So I had some left over chicken from two restaurants, and they weren’t going to be eaten, but instead of throwing them away, I added them to a pot of water and boiled them down to broth and shredded chicken bits.

Booyah baby!  I still got it!

what to do after the BBQ…..

so we had a bbq and as usual there are leftovers.  So, what to do with all that food?

I bbq’d corn and I had some left over, so I looked in my cupboard and then got online, and found a recipe for cornbread using …..yep….corn and cream corn …… of which I had a few cans sitting in the cupboard, but no cornbread mix, so again, back to the trusty internet to find a recipe to make cornbread mix, which instead of 1/4 cup of sugar, I added 1 tablespoon.  Lets face it corn is already sweet, and (doing cha cha here) it worked and came out tasty, used up almost all the left over corn!

I had a white cheddar shell mac & cheese left over, but I didn’t just want to eat it that way, so I made a modified version of tuna salad.   I used the mac n cheese, added tuna, mayo and pickle relish and had a nice tuna salad I could eat without bread.  Used it all up.

I had some chicken left over so I cut it up and make chicken quesadillas with it.

If you put your mind and internet to it, you can repurpose 🙂  your food!

When life gives you leftovers

mash ’em up.

I think soups are the best things ever, great use for leftovers.

So I made some beans, I lost about 1 cup to floating on top, so yea it has been a while 🙂

Then I split it in two batches….and since I had some leftover corn from the bbq I added it and some mushrooms to one batch and I cooked up some lentil and put those in another.

Some times you do NOT succeed on the first try, I tried my bean only and it was bland, this coming from the “everything is spicy” person.

So I put them back on the burner and added 1/2 a piece of left over grilled chicken (cut up) and I cut up a tomato that would was gonna go bad, and boom chacklacka, much tastier!

So I am afraid the other batch is bland, so I pulled it back out (i set them out individual bowls and freeze) I pulled out my squash I froze a while ago, and I am going to add that plus the other half of the chicken, should be TaSty.

I will let you know.


Leftover Kitchen Mashup – ground beef, chicken, zucchini

As you know my one dog Rudder had mouth surgery (poor baby) so I had all this left over meat and a few zucchini from my plant (master gardener here 🙂 so I look up on line and they say zucchini is good for dogs, so I blended the ground beef and chicken up. I then ground up the zucchini and cooked it until it was soft then added the meat.

I then put his meds in a small portion of the mash and gave it to him, he ate it fine, then I gave him some by itself.

They next day I softened his regular food with water and then added the mash to it. I will keep adding it to firmer and firmer food to get him eating regular food again. I hope.

This worked out so that I didn’t have to throw any food away and this food again is all natural and not full of additives. Back in the day there wasn’t dog food, so what did they eat???

Saved me some money and ended up with better quality food for my dogs, another win/win.