WW Healthy Meals Swaps

WW is a lifestyle, not a diet, so today, instead of what I would have eaten, 2 chocolate Chip Waffles, I had ONE waffle, 2 eggs, and Strawberries!

I put the strawberries on the waffle instead of syrup, it was like a restaurant waffle!

Easy peasy swap,  still ate my Chocolate Waffle, still full, but not full of calories and fat!

I have been “healthifing” my food for a while (ask my son :)….. this is just taking it one more level.

I feel better, have more energy and most important, I am not hangry, I don’t think of food all the time, it is awesome…..and losing weight has been a great side effect!

Day 16 – life is getting back to normal…

Finally, I can get back to my regular routine…need to get back in shape before vacation in July. I didn’t gain any weight, actually lost some with my new lifestyle, but I need work on getting some stamina back and get my ankle in shape so it doesn’t hurt and I stop walking like a duck:)

Breakfast – had So Delicious Coconut milk yogurt….Finally.. it actually tastes like yogurt 🙂 with strawberries and granola

snack – n/a
lunch – Homemade Bread with PB and homemade Jelly
snack – choc covered banana
dinner – Oh yea, who said eating healthy is boring?? I had my version of chicken and waffles, yea thats right 🙂
I used my crispy faux chicken patties, between some small frozen pancakes, and poured on some syrup and my homemade jelly, and boom. It was goooood!
dessert – Tofuti Cuttie

Day 10….at it again

Yea, I am a poet and don’t even know it 🙂 So back on the fruit wagon I am. I have to say though, I hardly ever get that “OMG I am starving” feeling that I have gotten before, so this new lifestyle is working good for me so far.

Breakfast – cut up strawberries and added raspberries and then some Almond Dream Soy Yogurt, ok this one is a lot closer then the other one, but still NOT yogurt that you are used to. But when mixed with the berries and some granola pretty darn tasty.

Snack – n/a

Lunch – Jumba Juice with yellow veggies juice and fruit (3 servings so it says), and JIB Fries, What??? They are vegetarian 😉

snack – n/a

Dinner – Faux Chicken Sliders (very good, taste like chicken) with lettuce, avocado, and yes some cheese 🙂 with pickles, my baked pea snaps, and tomato & cucumber salad



Dessert – yogurtland no toppings

Day 8 …it’s a brand new week….

Well I lost almost 2lbs this week. That might not sound like a lot to some, but that is almost DOUBLE what I usually get. And all this without really exercising as I am still in the walking boot. With my PCOS, remember I have to work out twice as hard to lose half as much. So I am happy with this. (insert happy dance here!)

I figure I will use my blog as my food diary for 21 days, hopefully by that time the new lifestyle will have taken hold and it will be my new “normal”.

Breakfast – Asian Pear – Super Juicy
snack – n/a
Lunch – Bowl of homemade soup, 2 slices of homemade bread with PB and homemade Jelly. Yea, that is right Holly, who’s the homemaker now? This girl!
snack – Carrots and Hummus, and Chocolate Covered Banana Bites
dinner – Tofurky Chorizo ground crumbles (never ate chorizo before, it tasted like spicy meat to me) tacos. I had low carb tortilla that I split in 1/2 added lettuce leaf, avocado, tomatoes, cheese (yes some cheese to cut the spice). Pretty darn good.
dessert – Golden Spoon mini yogurt cup.