We said “good bye” to our JRT mix

We had Rudder for 16 yrs.  We got him because our boys were getting older and we wanted someone for Dempsey our Boxer, plus Vance wanted a dog, of course he wanted a big dog like a Husky, we said no, to much shedding, they went to a breeder, supposedly he wouldn’t shed. HA!  He shed more then my mom’s goldens!!  And not only that, it was sharp fur and would stick in you!  But he was a wonderful dog, when Dempsey died 2 years later, we got Iggy, a Pug, those two were together for 10 years.

They would go in the same cage at the groomers and boarders, they didn’t like to be separated.  When Iggy died 10 years later, we got Mushu, (sorry Rudder), he seemed lonely and sad, but Mushu is … well…cray cray!  But they made it thru.

Rudder was mostly healthy, but just recently, his health started to fail, and over the Memorial Day Holiday, we had to let him go, he is now running in great health and playing with his Mama Dempsey, and his Bestie Iggy.

All of my furries are greatly missed as there is never a more pure/true/loyal love then that of your dog.


to work or not to work with hubby

there maybe a part time opening at my husbands job, there are pros and cons to this


While it is part time, it isn’t doing anything I want to do, I can do it but it will be boooring, but the pay will be good.

I will have to lose some weight, fast!  Put on those holiday pounds, don’t fit in my work pants, kind of tight, don’t want to have to buy new clothes for parttime job

He has been here for 20 years, my screwing up will look bad on me and him, not sure there is enough gain (some money) for the possible loss (his reputation) to do the job I am not really interested in.

However, this stupid house is falling down around us, may not have a choice 😦

I think of a loved one I have recently lost…

and I realize, that her passing is a huge loss in so many ways. One I just realized is a loss of self.

When we were together I was at my best, we brought that out in each other, and I realize I am mourning not only her loss, but that loss of my better self. The one who would and could do things I thought I couldn’t. Just to show her I could 😉

Not knowing if I have a job is worse then knowing I don’t!

So when I came back to work on Monday I find out that they expect the sale to be done and this office closed by….wait for it…..the first of June…!!!

Ooohhhkay…you tell us on 4/29 that we are being sold and then we find out it should be a done deal in less then a month…aaauugghhhhh.

And that for the next week or so the other company will be meeting with us to do due diligence but no word on who or who many jobs will be moving to the new company.

So as I stated earlier, I was happy in my rut…ok maybe no so much, my job was getting old, my boss drives me crazy and we are slow…but still it is a job I know, I have leeway on my start time, and I can dress casual.

Now all this week, is dress nice, do my hair and makeup (hey after 15yrs they have seen me at my best and worst, I am married, who am I trying to impress????) and get there on time and meet with strangers on how to run our company.

I was ready for a change Yes, this much of a change NO, and the worse part is just NOT KNOWING.

If I knew one way or the other I can make arrangements and prepare, right now we are preparing for the worst, that I will make the transition team but who knows for how long.  So that money that was set aside for the 25th anniv trip, well that is security money for now.  All those bills I was paying down…(and I really put a dent in it!!!) back to min payments.

This sucks, the company was finally starting to get busy again….was hoping to get my full salary back but nope!