Box full o’ Fun, Par Duex

So my son calls to say he got his box, and Thank my for the early B-day gifts…yea, I raised him well 🙂

Put then mister smarty pants is like “you just wanted to empty the drawer didn’t you”, because we do have a drawer that we put all the extra condiments we bring home from restaurants, and while I did send him a bag of those condiments, it was because I was being a GOOD MOM, not because I needed to clean out that drawer, which DID need cleaning but it was the thought that matters…

my son, he can still be a smart arse 1000’s of miles from home!

My son has learned….

You don’t want to go off without telling MOM, for a few days ’cause otherwise, she will HUNT UR ARSE DOWN!

If saw the post a while back, I hadn’t seen my son for a few days…18 does not a man make….so since he wasn’t answering his phone, I got out his old phone, called his friends, went on MySpace and I’md them until I got a response!!

So he says to me…”mom, I am leaving to help a friend move to Arizona, I will be gone a few you won’t need to CONTACT all my friends like last time”…good boy, he got the hint…I did ask him at least text me every few days that his is ok….he way annoyed but he will do it, cause otherwise I will be making a trip to AZ to track his arse down.

Yea, I have a hard time letting go, up on the upside, my kids aren’t on drugs and don’t have any tattoos, piercings or arrest records….so I will keep on keeping, even though it drives ALL the men in my family nuts!