Get more Mileage Save Gas Save Money

These may seem like no brainers, but here you go, some where new to me:

I am not sure if running your AC effects Gas Mileage or not, there is conflicting reports, however, I always close the vents on the passenger side of my car for A/C, why cool the empty seat? The air blows better with those vents closed, so you can reduce how cold and how fast the fan blows.

Coast people, take you foot off that pedal and COAST. I used to take the toll roads, they are very hilly, I was able to coast about 10 miles round trip. Makes your gas last longer. Any hilly area is a great place to coast… downhill obviously 🙂

Park your car in the shade, heat causes evaporation, it may not be a lot, but everyday adds up.

Keep your tires filled up and get a reflector for your windshield so your car doesn’t get so hot.


ps this is  a repost from 2013…but then saving money never goes out of style 🙂