Sometimes you just gotta do it

what can I say, I have been doing good lately, but I was jonesing for some carbs, so I had a reasonably healthy choice , shells with cheese and spinach.

While it was yummy in my tummy, I took a hit on WW, but gosh darn it, it was worth it 🙂

Actually I would have been alright, but two days later we went to lunch with the kids and I had 5, yes, so embarrassing, but I ate 5 biscuits, they were like air!

So I didn’t lose, and I only gained .04, so I am happy with that!

This is a life style, not a diet, so I won’t be perfect, still I can enjoy what I want and feel pretty darn good about it.

Plus went clothes shopping and went down 2 sizes (yeah my clothes were slightly baggy….) and the clothes were on sale 50% off….boyah!  Happy Dance!

Day 21…..the new eating lifestyle diary is done….

Well, it has been 21 days and my new lifestyle should be pretty much a new good habit.

Breakfast – n/a
snack – n/a
Brunch – when out and had Cinnamon Bun French toast, Yep you read that right, was yummy, came with bacon, I ate 1 strip gave the rest to hubby, I ate his hash browns 🙂
Snack – way to full from brunch!
Dinner – found a new place had Orange Tofu….just like orange chicken except with Tofu…delicious!
Dessert – way to full

I was feeling a little queasy later in the day, I think the cinnamon bun french toast & hash browns might have been a little much…but it was sooooo good.

Day 15… turning back

Well, I think overall I have been doing pretty good. I will start exercising again tomorrow, my boot is off and my husband will be back at work. I love him, but when he is off he messes up my whole schedule.

Breakfast – n/a
snack – n/a
Lunch – drove down to beach, had PB & J with BBQ chips (NON-GMO chips woo hoo).
snack – Annes Pretzle and mustard
Dinner – Pick Up Sticks Salad, replaced the chicken with Tofu
Dessert – n/a