Do NOT buy this “pasta” maker…it SUCKS…Norpro Grinder/Mincer/Pasta Maker

I am pretty good at my reviews, I take in to consideration that most errors are OE (operator error) NOT this time.  This is a piece of C&*P!

First off there are no directions on how to use the different shape cutters, yes it come out like playdoh but how do you cut them off in to bite size pieces without closing the hole at the end???

I ended up pushing them on Chopsticks, the ones I could salvage….In the end I got pissed off, threw it all away and refused to make dinner, we brought home Arby’s!

Now it might be fine for the Grinding and Mincing, but since most of the parts are PLASTIC and there are no directions, not sure.  I am taking this back, I am still pissed just thinking about it!

IMG_7533 IMG_7534 IMG_7535 IMG_7536