Random pictures of Lima, Kennedy Park, Water Park, Beach…

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so we got the notice that our electric would be out and we couldn’t park on the street.

So my Fiat E is in the garage, my son parked in my husbands spot and I parked the Bug I haven’t turned in yet next to it.

Hubby parked on the street because he would be gone by the time they started to work on the street.

So my son goes to leave but comes back in because an Truck is blocking his car in the drive (we have an electric box thingy by our driveway) so he takes my Bug.  I told him that is fine I will just drive my Fiat.  But when I go to leave, the electricity is still off and I CAN’T get my Electric Garage Door Open to drive my electric car!!!!

Come on already, and to add insult to injury the electric was supposed to be off from 8 to 3pm, it didn’t come back on it 8PM.

Crazy Bitch Neighbor

Ok, most of our neighbors are cool, but we have one set that are awful and as my sons calls her “that crazy bitch” and I have to agree.

Most recently she wrote a note and left

it on my sons car asking him not to park in front of her house as the sludge gathers there.  This would have been fine EXCEPT for the fact she picked up some “Sludge” and put in on HIS car along with the note!

What a bitch, I was mad, and my husband is all “ignore her” and I said “no why should I this is unacceptable” my son doesn’t park in the same place twice so she needs to get a life, so after a few minutes my husband agreed and went to talk to her.

Ha he is scarier, I am 5′ he is 6’2″!  I am going to start parking in front of her house just for the hell of it!