Kitchen Mashup fruits and veggies

So I have carrots that are going to go bad if I don’t use them, corn from the bbq from a few days ago, bananas I froze before they went bad, raisins in the cupboard, some spaghetti sauce in a bottle, tomatoes from my plant , YEP, cherry tomatoes baby! and pineapple coconut water my husband still hasn’t drank, because ewwww, I won’t drink it! And some plain cooked spaghetti, and dried tomato basil pouch barely used.

Sooo, I cut up the carrots, PEEL ON people, in the coconut pineapple water so they will be on the sweet side.

I then look up on the internet what to do with left over cooked carrots and it says to make a puree.  But just carrot puree doesn’t really sound good, soooo…..after the carrots are cooked I put them in a pan, and add some slice up frozen banana (this is why you never throw stuff out, just freeze it until you figure out what to do with it :), and add it to the pan, let that cook for a while, mash them up and add a small amount of brown sugar, pat of butter (yes A Pat, I brought it home from dinner out somewhere :), and cook it some more.  I then blend it up, put it back in than to thicken and add the small amount of raisins from the cupboard into it.  It is damn yummy people, like a carrot cake !  Sometimes I even amaze me 🙂

Then I take the spaghetti sauce, throw it in a pan, I throw in my cherry tomatoes, I cut the corn off the cob and add that to the pan, then I throw in the spaghetti, then I add some of the dried tomato pesto, and BOOM, nice bowl of veggie pasta baby!

Yea, stupid dog woke me up early, so I figured I should clean out the fridge and  you know how I hate to waste food.


veggie kitchen mashups – a little more thinking

required 😉


So I had some pasta that was low carb made with wheat flour and soy, plus spinach (that is why it is green) in the freezer.  I had bought some faux “meat” balls, I had mushrooms that needed to be used up and some tomato sauce in the pantry…you can see where this is going right?

Pasta and “meat”balls.  The “meat”balls (Amy’s organic-no I don’t get paid, I wish ;)…are pretty good, I add cooked them up, then added the tomato sauce and mushrooms, this way they absorbed some of the sauce.

I spooned them over my pasta and boomchaklaka…nice lunch, not much time..and mmm, mmm, goood!


IMG_6462not sure how to make sphegti (so spell it) so I made shapes instead…still tastes good.





Your already eating like a vegetarian….didn’t know that did ya…

hmmm, lets think about it for a min…

Mac & cheese, cheese ravioli, grilled cheese, 3 bean salad, potato salad, PB & J sandwich…. cream cheese jalapino poppers, french fries, pancakes, oatmeal, grits, cereal any of these sound familiar??

It isn’t hard or expensive to go veggy, not I did not say vegan, cause cheese es no bueno. But overall lots of pasta dishes can be made without meat, and boom veggie without trying. You don’t have to buy “specialty” vegan frozen meals…they had a great deal (see 1.29 above) but usually round $2.00 the ones below are lean cuisine and weight watchers, but just keep an eye out when any of them have a sale and stock up. I just had a great butternut squash with yellow carrots and asparagus for wait for it…$1.29 HA!

Pasta with ricotta and spinach, spinach artichoke ravioli, mushroom mezzaluna ravioli, five cheese rigatoni…any of those sound like I am “forcing” myself…I think not! Add a fresh salad, and maybe some garlic bread and a nice wholesome veggie meal. And if it is a night maybe a nice glass of vino 🙂

I try and make my own pasta, but I can only make one type so it is nice to have some variety.

Day 19….. it’s kind of frighting….

all the artificial stuff that is in our food. But it is getting easier to find more and more natural and non-gmo foods. Lets hope this trend continues. And you can sneak the good stuff in for your family and they won’t even know it. I took 1/2 of my Strawberry Jam and filled up the store bought jar with it, so it is 1/2 & 1/2 🙂 Get creative.

Breakfast n/a
Snack N/a
Brunch???? – wasn’t hungry for breakfast but after yoga I was hungry so but them together 🙂 Low Carb Homemade Pasta, Tofurkey Polish Sausage, that doesn’t taste like a sausage, not bad, just not a sausage, with mushrooms and Italian Herb dressing. Pretty good.
Snack – dark choc nature valley granola bar – what I be lazy, it is ready to eat 🙂
Dinner – ok, I fell off the wagon and as I was trying to get back on it rolled over me:) We went to Fridays and my only choice was a chicken breast with veggies, (however, it was a very small thin piece of chicken) and then I had a Berry Shake with Ice Cream 🙂
Dessert – n/a

What to do with that Pasta you just made with that Wine Bottle rolling pin

hmmmm, it is low carb, a mash up of whole wheat, unsprouted wheat and soy flour, plus I think I had some flax sead meal at one time 🙂

Let’s see what is in the fridge today:

Baggie of ground beef from last nights dinner (not enough for 1 taco really)
1/2 a Jar of Button Mushrooms (soo good I eat them straight from the jar)
Some Baby Bell Cheese rounds that no one is eating

Throw the cheese in the pan after the pasta comes out (why have to clean more then necessary?) as it starts to melt add that baggie full of meat, while that simmers, cut in half and add the mushrooms, and what is this? In the cupboard a can of Diced tomatoes with seasonings, booyah!

Lunch is served!



It tastes better then it looks, and it made two servings!

Hey the next great chef is right here…ok maybe not :)

But I am full of tricks!

I had a jar of salsa that no one was going to eat because there are no more chips. I found some mini cheeses that no had eaten for a while….sooo

I made yes made my own pasta 🙂 then I threw the cheese in a pan with some milk to melt, then I blended and added the salsa and walah, a kind of salsa cheesy sauce for my pasta.

Fresh, natural, and good for me….and yummy too.

Sometimes I even amaze myself :)

So I open the fridge, I have klamata olives and cheese, mostly olives, so I find a jar of mushrooms in the pantry and and half to the olives and cheese and mix them up so they get the seasoning on them to.

Next day I try out my new pasta maker, HA, it works, I can do it, I used half soy and half whole wheat flour to reduce the carbs. So know I have pasta but what to do next?

I take out the klamata olives, cheese and mushroom mix and take out a left over piece of chicken and chop them up in the blender and then I stuff it into homemade pasta and I know have Ravioli stuffed with chicken seasoned with the olives and mushrooms.

And since I made the pasta, no fake ingredients, the olives and cheese are all natural, and I open a can of basil and garlic flavored tomato sauce for the sauce.

that is the way it is done! Healthy, flavorful, very little to no artificial crap, and low carb, booyah!