Au Naturale Peanut Butter and Honey is Yummy

Well while I like the Laura Scudders PB, it is organic too, so that was a plus, I added some of my raw honey and BOYAH, now this is super good Peanut Butter, ALL natural, 100% Peanuts with 100% Raw Honey add for some sweetness.

It seems that adding the honey also reduces the separation of the oil and peanuts, so another plus. I highly recommend going this way if you want PB in your home. Although you aren’t suppose to give honey to anyone under 1 year old.

It is interesting that Laura Scudders PB was all natural and organic before being so was IN.

Au Naturale Peanut Butter – actually this isn’t anything new

I remember when I was a kid, I would go to my dad’s and he would have the Laura Scudder’s PB that you had to stir. This came back to me while I was in the PB isle the other day because I was out of PB. I was surprised to see that some brands were touting they were 90% peanuts. Ummmm, shouldn’t you want to be say..oh I don’t know… ALL peanuts or at least 98%. At 90% there is 10% other stuff, like sugar, palm oil, emulsefiers, ect.

So I looked around and all the natural PB seperates, I can deal with that, and it needs to be keep in the fridge.

So I wanted some PB so I took it out of the fridge first, then got the rest of my stuff ready, and then mixed it up and guess what, it tastes ok. Now it isn’t like the PB I am used to because usually it is a “spread” because of that 10% “other” Ingredients. That makes is creamier and sweeter. But I but on my jam and it was fine.

If you are going to move to natural PB I suggest making sure you add jelly or banana’s ect to it so your kids can adjust. I am going to try moving a small amount in another jar and adding my raw honey and see if that sweetens it up with out adding artificial stuff to it.

But I think keeping it in the fridge and stirring it is a low cost to pay for having 100% peanuts. And to top it off it costs the SAME.

Organic vs NonOrganic is not the question

Organic food full of preservatives and additives is just as bad.

Think of all the food problems lately that were never an issue:

No Peanut Butter Sandwiches at schools because of allergies & Gluten Intolerance are just two that stand out.

Think about all the artificial ingrediants in our foods that aren’t allowed anywhere else in the world, then look at our food problems and weight issues…hmmm no one see a connection?

In the US big companies are more interested in their profits then the consumers health. The only way to change is to stop buying their products. YOu can see the change happening already. More and more items with out artificial colors and additives.

So the question is …. is my food free from poisons (fertilizers and pesticides) and artificial ingrediants and preservatives. I don’t think humans where meant to eat petrol based products. they may be good for cars but not bodies.