WW tips – potato

so I love potatoes, some I got a bag of the small fingerling ones,   for breakfast I cut one up and fried it, plus an egg.

Only 2 pts, it is still big enough for my potato craving, but small enough not to use up a bunch of points!

You can also add to soup or make up small batch of potato salad without using lots of points!

Making lemonade out of lemons…

so, I figured I could be all pouty in my dark living room, or….I could go out side and enjoy the day in my back yard which didn’t get used much while I was working and blog.

I chose to enjoy the day, nice breeze, birds singing, butterfly’s going by….I ate my lunch out here, the dogs are snoozing in the sun, it is a nice perk of not working.

There are lots of perks to not working, there are also lots of tradeoffs, we are still working on reducing or monthly bills to the minimum.

The biggest perk by far is that I am much less stressed, hardly get sick anymore, and as they say “happy wife, happy life” 🙂

And for those that follow me, yes we are traveling this year, but we have been saving for over 1 year, plus I am using points, and deals….come on, did you really think I was gonna pay retail for my trip…silly you!