Renesting is InTerEsting….

So, my son and his fiance moved in.  It is going pretty good.  We have the shower schedules down, and we are using their fridge in the garage for overflow.

But one pet peeve is driving me crazy.  Now I am home, so I don’t mind doing some things but really, how many glasses can two people use in a DAY.  They use more glasses then we did in a month, in ONE day, and mostly for WATER….aauuggh.

So of course, everyone rinsing their dishes and putting in the dishwasher has fallen to the way side, I will be talking to him today about that.  But I have stopped putting the glasses away.  NOPE, not gonna do it, so he realizes it is a very BIG hint, I leave the glasses on the counter for him or her to put away.

Other then that, going pretty smooth, although, they eat horribly.  But what can I do, I am the mom, but they are adults.  We do not buy any junk, if they want to eat unhealthy, they have to buy it themselves 🙂