Kitchen Mashup

Hmm….carrots and celery sticks from Wing Stop,  Coconut Milk, Kale:Rice:edamame mix from costco, tomatoes from farmers market run.

Eat the carrot sticks while cooking the celery in coconut milk and chicken broth.  Add the tomatoes cook, then blend.  Put in fridge while trying to figure out what to do next.

AHA…..find frozen Kale:Rice:edamame mix in freezer, put celery mix in pan, add the kale mix and boyo…. SOUP.  But How did it get spicy?????  I didn’t add any spices, why is it hot?  Doesn’t show any spices on the costco mix but there must be some.  I can eat it, but I put a little sour cream on to lower the heat.



what to eat for breakfast

hmmm, some  left over Spanish rice from Baja,  some left over pulled pork from dinner a few nights ago (not enough to make a meal of), a few eggs…..


Scramble the eggs,  throw in the rice and pork, and booyah, sweet and savory breakfast/lunch scramble.

It was so tasty..and see, I took the pic before I ate it!