Double duty items to save some Moolah

Do you use cleaning clothes to clean your face?  Before throwing them away use them to clean your bathroom counters, and other bathroom surfaces!

DO NOT throw in toilet, they clog up the drains!

Do you take water to drink at night?  Do you have some left the next day?  Don’t pour it down the drain, water your plant with it, give it to your animals, it is warm not bad.

Did you move recently? Did you use paper towels to wrap glasses and such?  Reuse them, don’t throw them away when you unpack!

Have a plastic laundry basket or trash can you are throwing away?  Wait, fill it up with stuff that needs to go to good will and take it all at once!

Take extra plastic bags with you to the store, see someone with out a bag that needs one?  Give it to them, make the world a nicer place one bag at a time 🙂

Get fragrance samples?  Put them in your drawers to keep your clothes smelling nice.


Bulu Box #2 Much better size samples

Ahh, much more like what I was expecting!

I rec’d the following samples

UP4 Adult Probiotic (5) daily pills- I have never taken these, but I think my husband needs it more then me, I am going to try and get him to use these

Urgent Upset Stomach – this is a powder, I think I will put in my purse

Rescue Pastilles (nice size sample tin) – not really sure about these, tried one right when I got them, taste ok, kind of chewy like Jujubees – not sure about the stress relief.

Xlear Nasal Spray (nice size sample bottle) – not sure if anyone in house needs it

Martha Stewart Essentials for Hair, Skin, & Nails (nice size sample bottle!), but I hate taking pills (I get gummies when at all possible or tea) and they are fairly big – I will try taking them though

Food for Sleep (nice size sample) – I forgot I had it, I could have used it last night, will be trying tonight to see how it works!

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