More Laundry savings secrets :)

I recently bought Organic Eco Wool Dryer Balls – 6 Pack – 100% Handmade, Fair Trade, Organic, No Lint – Premium Quality from amazon.  I LOVE them, they are little wooly balls and the help to fluff up your laundry and cut your drying time.

Remember, I dry my Jeans and Towels outside when I can, to almost dry, then I throw them in the dryer, these balls help to make them fluffy and dry a little quicker.

On regular clothes I think I save about 25% on time, with all the laundry that goes on here that adds up!  If I do good clothes I will rip a dryer sheet in half to help with static cling saves money here also.

Also if you wear something for half day, and you didn’t get it dirty or sweaty, either just hang back up in closet or if you MUST wash, then use the spin and rinse cycle.  The less you wash your clothes the longer they last, saving money on clothes, and water and electric bills.

The biggest saver of all, now that it is summer, let the SUN dry your clothes!



taking advantage of the sun without solar panels

It has been so hot, so you can take advantage of the sun for you laundry drying needs, just hang the close out to dry.  I have a portable pop-up drying rack, when hot I dry my towels and jeans (these take the longest to dry) to about 95% dry, I make sure to use liquid laundry softner,  and then I put them in the dryer for about 15 min to get the “crunchy” out.

I have nice , fresh, clean smelling clothes, and it takes about 1/4 the normal drying time so I save on electric/gas bill also.

This is also great for blankets, comforters, sheets, ect…..

Water / Energy Conservation…

if the US and CA especially are concerned with water and energy conservation then you would think a mandate would be put in place for a few things:

  1. All Washers would have to be Front Loading – Top loaders use 40 to 27 gallons per wash, Front Loader use around 14 to 5 gallons per wash.
  2. All new homes would have to be built with enough solar panel to provide at least 50% of the electricity they will use
  3. All new homes would have to be built with “grey water” recycling, this is using water from sinks and showers for toilet water, so it gets used twice before going being flushed
  4. All homes would have water catchment systems for use watering lawns and gardens
  5. All water would be go thru a sanitation process before being released into the ocean  – no “don’t liter dumps in ocean” signs

These 4 changes would save a ton of water and electricity.  It is more efficient to add the solar and grey water, and catchment systems when building a home, rather then adding it later.

Making sure untreated water doesn’t flow in the ocean would save our oceans and add jobs to make and maintain the sanitation buildings.


Sunny in CA….FREAKING to Sunny, it is the middle of May not Summer

aaauugggg, 90’s in May, during a Drought is so NOT good. But to find a silver lining, I did my heavy laundry (towels, jeans, son’s work clothes) and hung them out to day.

Boohyah! 20 min in the Sun, 5-8 min in dryer, Done. That’s right people, 4 loads of heavy duty laundry dried in less then 2hrs 90% of that using FREE Sun/Solar power, boom-chaklaka-boom! Take that stupid electric company 🙂

I have also been able to keep my house cool by keeping the blinds closed, and the lights off. I put on some regular fans to blow the air around and wear shorts inside. Before I put on the A/C I use the fan part to keep the air moving.

I am able to keep the A/C off for most of the day, usually until around 1 or 2 when it really gets cooking. So I don’t cook 🙂

Sun Power even when it is cold

There are ways of taking advantage of the sun to dry your clothes even when it is cold. As long as it is sunny outside even if it is cold the clothes will dry on the line, it just might take a little longer then in the summer.

Also, a lot of people have sun rooms, these rooms are warm even in winter, put your line up in there, or sometimes the garage if it is warmer then outside.

Your clothes should never being dripping water, so there shouldn’t be a problem, if you clothes are still really wet when the wash is done, put them on a spin cycle once to get rid of the extra water. You should do this even if you don’t line dry, it will save time in the regular dryer also.

That is why I have a portable line, I can move it to the best spot for the job depending on the weather conditions.

We need the New Deal NOW

Maybe now is the time we should be looking at fixing our failing infrastructure and retro fitting exisiting building to reduce our power/water usage.

When was the last the time the infrastructure (bridges, levys, dams, streets..ect) were overhauled or created, probably the last recession. 1930’s.

Instead of worrying about new construction, maybe we should work on retrofitting existing buildings with solar, wind, power and recycling the water from sinks and showers into toilets and outside irrigation.

Lets create some solar and wind farms out in the deserts and in the foothills.

Instead of letting water flow straight from the gutters to the ocean maybe we should add some filtering plants so that the water that gets released is clean and not toxic.

We have enough of a workforce to take that on and keep people employeed for years to come.