Stupid Arse Spiders….yuk

Yesterday I wanted to plug in my car, I walk out and nearly run into a black widow, YES, freaking black widow spider in a big ass web from the garage to the front of my car…so I figure I will go around to the other side, and there is ANOTHER freaking spider web with a black widow spider in it, so I turned around and went back in the house…I complained to my husband and he went out and plugged it in.  Such a wonderful hubby!



I opened my mail box to put in a package and there was a freaking SPIDER in it, a big one and a small one actually.

Now I know spiders are good (most of them) and I don’t go out of my way to kill them it they are outside, unless they are black widows, then you be dead!

But this is unacceptable!  I put my hand in there to get mail, I bring the mail in the HOUSE…ewwwww… I got my spray bottle of water, soap and mouthwash that I use for my plants and I sprayed its ASS down….I had to pull out its web to, it was pretty strong…yucky, yucky, YUCK.

Now I am going to be freaked out every time I go get the mail….sigh…shit!

please pardon the interruption of the previously scheduled post because

W>>>>T>>>>>>>>>>>>F>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I hate bugs, especially poisonous ones! I also had my patio chairs, they seemed like a good idea at the time.

The back cushion has a flap that goes over the back, there is a round lumbar pillow, and the bottom ties to the chair. Guess what freaking Black Widow Spiders love these chairs…I don’t.

It is nice out so I thought I would clean up the patio, I have only started on 2 chairs and found like 10 egg sacks and 4 big ass spiders. Shit Shit SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a swing that is like mesh, easy to clean, dries quick and the best part, no FREAKING SPIDERS! I want to sell the table and chairs to someone who would use them more often therefore probably keeping the bugs away, but he doesn’t want to. Sooooo, I bought a few chairs of my own, MESH chairs, that’s right, he can sit in the buggy ass ones I am NOT.

I finally came in because between trying to spray off the egg sacks, step in the spiders, other bugs were coming by for the water. I need to go back out but I really REALLY don’t want to. I was going to hang some laundry out to dry, but I am afraid the damn spiders would climb up and lay eggs in my clothes!!

I am soo happy I bought another mesh chair today 🙂