It is finally summer… at least

for a while now it has been grey and overcast, with sprinkles in the AM.  While this is good for plants and fires, not so much for us.

It is finally getting sunny in the AM, hopefully June Gloom is gone, and summer here to stay.  As long as it doesn’t get to hot I will be happy.

Darn it, spoke to soon, after this post got all gloomy gus again ;(

I am a sunny and 70-75 degree girl, anything up or down, is not my happy place 😉

I lost my weight, wanna get a new bathing suit, after mumble years.

Solar is AmAzInG….love it!

So know that the sun is staying out longer, we will be getting even more energy.  I love that my last bill was…..$50……usually over $275…….boom chacklaka BOOM!

It will keep getting smaller the rest of the year….woop, woop! Even figuring in the cost of the solar, we are going to save at LEAST $100 a month, $200 during summer, that adds up people!

Got ours from Costco, good pricing, better financing, plus 2% back , plus a $600 GC, yep …win/win/win.

And yes I still will take my jeans and towels outside to dry mostly in the sun, still want to keep my use down, plus it is better for the clothes and less wear and tear on my machines!

More Laundry savings secrets :)

I recently bought Organic Eco Wool Dryer Balls – 6 Pack – 100% Handmade, Fair Trade, Organic, No Lint – Premium Quality from amazon.  I LOVE them, they are little wooly balls and the help to fluff up your laundry and cut your drying time.

Remember, I dry my Jeans and Towels outside when I can, to almost dry, then I throw them in the dryer, these balls help to make them fluffy and dry a little quicker.

On regular clothes I think I save about 25% on time, with all the laundry that goes on here that adds up!  If I do good clothes I will rip a dryer sheet in half to help with static cling saves money here also.

Also if you wear something for half day, and you didn’t get it dirty or sweaty, either just hang back up in closet or if you MUST wash, then use the spin and rinse cycle.  The less you wash your clothes the longer they last, saving money on clothes, and water and electric bills.

The biggest saver of all, now that it is summer, let the SUN dry your clothes!


Sunny in CA….FREAKING to Sunny, it is the middle of May not Summer

aaauugggg, 90’s in May, during a Drought is so NOT good. But to find a silver lining, I did my heavy laundry (towels, jeans, son’s work clothes) and hung them out to day.

Boohyah! 20 min in the Sun, 5-8 min in dryer, Done. That’s right people, 4 loads of heavy duty laundry dried in less then 2hrs 90% of that using FREE Sun/Solar power, boom-chaklaka-boom! Take that stupid electric company 🙂

I have also been able to keep my house cool by keeping the blinds closed, and the lights off. I put on some regular fans to blow the air around and wear shorts inside. Before I put on the A/C I use the fan part to keep the air moving.

I am able to keep the A/C off for most of the day, usually until around 1 or 2 when it really gets cooking. So I don’t cook 🙂

Sun Power even when it is cold

There are ways of taking advantage of the sun to dry your clothes even when it is cold. As long as it is sunny outside even if it is cold the clothes will dry on the line, it just might take a little longer then in the summer.

Also, a lot of people have sun rooms, these rooms are warm even in winter, put your line up in there, or sometimes the garage if it is warmer then outside.

Your clothes should never being dripping water, so there shouldn’t be a problem, if you clothes are still really wet when the wash is done, put them on a spin cycle once to get rid of the extra water. You should do this even if you don’t line dry, it will save time in the regular dryer also.

That is why I have a portable line, I can move it to the best spot for the job depending on the weather conditions.

Various Uses for the Sun

Yes, the Sun is a most wonderful thing.

You can use it for growing crops. I also use it for drying clothes. But I also use it for nasty bathroom smells.

How you ask? Well you hear all the time about using UV to sanitize right, well you know the Sun emits UV right?

So if you have an electric toothbrush that is getting that not so fresh smell, and you have rinsed and cleaned all you could see and it still is there, take it outside during a sunny day and let the Sun do its job. I will completely dry it out, any unseen things will become crumbly, you can wash and sit back out to dry again.

Your toothbrush and holder will be clean and dry and fresh smelling.

You can also use the Sun for Solar Energy, keeping your house warm, charging phone batteries. It has many uses. As I remember for I will add them.

Your Ideas are welcomed and encouraged!

Good for Body and Mind

I have to say, even though I ain’t gettin’ skinny, I like riding my bike on breaks at work.

Not only do I get away from my desk and into the sunshine, this is a good thing, they say that you need at least 15min sunshine for your body to make Vit D…so not only do I get to destress, work on my cardio, tighten those “not so tight” areas any more but also give my body a Vit D boost.

The only down side…I hate getting sweaty…even changing my shirt after I still fill a little sticky, but small price to pay for my health.

the goal is to ride on both breaks and lunch…we will see…