I forgot, did I tell you how much


This gym thing sucks.  That being said, I have added about 5 minutes to every piece of equipment, so I am getting better at it.  But I still don’t like it.

Freaking exercise, this shit will never be my Hobby!  I am sweating in places no one should EvEr sweat, EVER!!!

And StInKy, WTF, if I didn’t hate taking pills so much I would say stuff it, and also Daytime TV is Awful!  There is nothing but crapola on, yea….having a bad day….freakin….exercise….

why do I do it, I know better….

so lets recap…I do NOT like to sweat, I don’t like humidity, I have no balance and I tried hot yoga before and the 90 min one is hard.  I know this, and yet, my husband found a deal, 10 classes over 3 months for less then $40.

Hmmm, thinks I….I know it was hard and sweaty, but I have been doing yoga and exercise for a while, I am sure I can do it.

I KNOW better, but I paid for it and you all know how I hate to waste money, so I go the first day..omg..Omg…OMG….what was I thinking!!!  I am hot, sweaty, lite headed, and did I say HOT and SWEATY…now I have to go at least 3 more times because I will have rec’d a 50% discount that way, if and that is a BIG “IF” I go all 10 I will be real proud, if I only go once more SCREW IT…. I break even…I can live with that 🙂