Freaking tomato thief!!!!!

aaauugghhhhh……. the little thief is still eating my tomatoes,  I am bringing them in early so they can ripen in my window, safe and sound.

Why won’t he/she eat the basil or mint trying to take over my garden, why!!!!!

If they go after my one zucchini that is finally growing it may become all out war!

HA! Damn bugs!!!

So I have been going out every AM and spraying my tomatoes with my home made but spray, found it on internet somewhere, small spray bottle, add some mouthwash and dish soap to water and spray.  Works well mostly.

So I finally brought in my tomatoes and 3 turned red finally, one still green, and one had a bite taken out of it, #$%^@#$!!!

However, I cut that area out, inspected it thoroughly, then ate it!  It was GOOD.  Stupid bugs!

I also got some greenbeans, and my sunflowers are starting to grow.  Not sure what some of the other things are that are growing, it is my mystery garden!

Kitchen Mashup

Hmm….carrots and celery sticks from Wing Stop,  Coconut Milk, Kale:Rice:edamame mix from costco, tomatoes from farmers market run.

Eat the carrot sticks while cooking the celery in coconut milk and chicken broth.  Add the tomatoes cook, then blend.  Put in fridge while trying to figure out what to do next.

AHA…..find frozen Kale:Rice:edamame mix in freezer, put celery mix in pan, add the kale mix and boyo…. SOUP.  But How did it get spicy?????  I didn’t add any spices, why is it hot?  Doesn’t show any spices on the costco mix but there must be some.  I can eat it, but I put a little sour cream on to lower the heat.


OH Come ON…

so I go out side to my strawberries, that are still going, and my tomatoes and realize some dumb arse bug drilled in and ate all the Insides OUT!

And then I catch my cat putting her PAWS in my drink trying to get the ice cubes out.

Really?  Now I have to keep a lid on my drink at all times….sheesh

BBQ kitchen mash-up

It has been so hot, I have been using the bbq to cook some veggies.  I got some asparagus, wrapped it in foil after adding some oil and seasonings….it was ummm ummm good, but I only ate the top 2/3’s , so I had these tougher stalks…did I throw them away….oh Hell No!

I wrapped them back up and put them in the fridge while I thought of what to do with them 🙂

Then the next day I cooked mushrooms, corn and roasted tomatoes on the bbq…..yea, that is some good eats there!

But I had some leftover tomatoes and corn, so I put those in the fridge while my I tried to figure out what to do with them.

So, HA,  I got out the asparagus and one of the tomatoes (which YES where  from my garden) and added a little broth and blended them up, but them in a pan and started to simmer them.

I then made a roux of broth, butter, milk and whole wheat flour, yes I started with just butter and flour but it got pasty so I added the milk and broth to smooth things out…

Then I added that to my soup, and then I cut the corn OFF the cob and cut up in chucks another tomato (from my garden, yes I AM proud of myself) and added that to the soup.

And now I have a wonderful, flavorful soup, full of veggie goodness and good for me!


Kitchen Mash-ups X 10

Oh yea baby… my tomato plant is giving of tomatoes like crazy!  I had some extra, I had some carrots that were gonna go bad, and oh yea, did I mention some fresh growing basil…hmmmm, can you see where this is heading??

Carrot Tomato Basil Soup….with 2 out of 3 ingredients out of my garden….That’s the way to do it.

So cut up the carrots, starting boiling them in some veggie broth, added FOUR, uh huh, 4 freshly grown, organic tomatoes from my garden, some garlic and let it boil then simmer.

Then I poured it into the blender and blended, then I remembered I had Basil so I went and picked some “From my Garden”, yea I like saying that 😉  then added it to the blending.

Then I made a roux, yea I know, A Roux, boomchakalaka, added my blended mixture and simmered for a little bit longer.  Unfortunately the carrots came thru more then the tomatoes so yes I cheated….ok,….you happy, but a small cheat, I added a can of tomato sauce with garlic seasoning to it and it was perfecto!

now back to my normal posts :) …

ok, soooo, maybe, not so normal….but who wants to be boring and normal anyway?


I will be doing my posts about the rest of trip , Cusco and Bog0ta shortly.  Got to get all my pics in order and edited.

so today, …. when we came back from our trip all my plants are blooming and tomatoes are showing up, and my son has the nerve to say my other son must have the green thumb  because it happened while we were gone!  Oh I Don’T think SO!   I planted, and watered and worked before I left, he doesn’t get all the glory now!

DSC01364 DSC01365

The birds, spiders and lizards are Slack A Lackin’ in the bug department!

So I sent away for some lettuces, they sent them to me, they were already started but ALL of them have been eaten by little green worms/catepillars??  I was just finding them and throwing them in the ivy, but then I just started mashing them on the leaves, maybe a warning sign to keep others away?  I left them growing, this way since they are no use, let the bugs eat them instead of my squash, corn and tomatoes!

The corn is a patio species, I planted 9 kernels, 7 popped up, then 1 died, so I have 6 stalks hopefully growing!

I planted 3 of the winter squash, 2 are growing good, 1 is kind of runty.

I have 2 tomato plants growing, have no Idea what kind, I tend to stick a bunch of seeds in and see what grows, so not sure of the type yet.  It is flowering, so I an hoping something will pop out soon!  Keeping an eye out for those stupid ugly tomato worms…ugghhh…nasty!

Spicy Black Bean Kitchen Mash Part Duex

If you remember from a few posts back…I was making some black beans and I found some Chile De Arbol in my cupboard that I bought for some reason, so I thought, lets make these with a little kick, now I had a bunch of beans, (or so I thought) 4 coups dry probably, so I put about 8 of the dried chilis in it.

So, since I already had  some carrots and celery that were going to go bad cooked and the quinoa, but I couldn’t find anymore corn, and I was out of broth, I added some milk and a can of Roasted Diced Tomatoes I found in the panty.  After it was heated up I added some cheese and again Pretty darn tasty, and it had a decent kick, but I could eat it!

Now I just have to figure out what to do with the other 4(down from 6) cups of beans that are to spicy to eat on their own!

I think I will try refrying them and see what happens 🙂