Let’s NOT be able to contact our customers

the same company has come up with a NEW policy that sellers can’t contact their customers AT ALL.  Yep no way to do it.  Here is what I sent to them and the response, believe me I am NOT the only one unhappy about this….so I have been selling less and less here, looking for a new site, one that lets me talk to my customers…


Dear xx,

Maybe you should REINSTATE the mailbox option so we can contact our customers while you are working out the kinks of the support tickets.  Why are our customers and sales having to suffer, while you work on this issue?


I checked with xxx about this, and he said that it’s still something that we plan on doing, but we’re not to that yet.

The Support Tickets project is still open and working and having new types of tickets being created.


We are not going to reinstate the mailbox option. At some point, we will have a way to open a ticket to contact buyers when there are questions. It’s not “working on the issue”, it’s something that’s planned for the future.

If you have issues related to specific orders, please contact Support so they can assist you.

Tophatter – live auction site

New auction site I like Tophatter it is different from other sites in that it is selling right now.  No waiting for a week or so for the auction to end.

I do like the whole idea of being able to get it NOW 🙂  and with the holidays coming up, time to start shopping!