Re-purpose items – save money

and the environment.

So I had a machine that had different attachments to cut cheese, veggies, ect.  I hardly ever used it.  Especially after the kids left, as I got it mainly to buy blocks of cheese and shred them, cheaper then buying it already done.

Now I do continue to work with candles, so, I took the grater and found out I could use it to shred my wax to make it melt quicker!  Woo hoo!

You would be surprised what you can come up with when you put your mind to it.

And with the candles…. I have a friend who gets candles all the time, but we noticed they never burn down to the bottom of the container.  So I scrape all the left overs out , then I put in UNSCENTED wax, this will hold the wicks up and doesn’t burn, so then I remelt the scented was that was at the bottom (usually takes 2 or 3 candles) and re-pour over the top.

I am able to reuse all the glass candle jars and the wax that was left over in them, upcycle baby and save yourself some cash!


Alternate uses for household items

so I recently bought my mom some reusable netting bags for veggies and fruits instead of using the plastic ones in the store.

they are netted so you can bring your items home, wash and dry and store in the same bag.

I however, found another use, I put all my veggies and chicken parts in the bag and then add to the pot of water, this allows for all the yummy flavors to come thru for my stock, but the bones and veggies stay in the bag to easily get rid of.

Another item I got was the at home Pedicure Machine, where it files off your dead foot skin, welllll….I found out that I can use it to file down the rough edges on my craft items as well.

I also reuse the shampoo bottles that have the pump that my husband uses, remember, I am a big no “poo”er, so I add my travel size items, body wash ects, that I get from hotels into it , I use that to shave my legs, no reason to buy a million different things to wash your hair/body/shave ect. one item can do it all.